A wiki-class on ICT competences (Open University of Catalonia-UOC)

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Name of the institution: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC - Open University of Catalonia).

Type of institution: Fully virtual


The experience is carried out within the “ICT competences” course of the Social education undergraduate program. “ICT competences” (6 ECTS) is a cross-curricular course common to all UOC undergraduate programs and it is compulsory for most of them. The course is recommended to be taken on the first semester of the online program, at the first contact of the students with the learning environment.

Organized in small groups, students have to develop a virtual project in a wiki.


Its main objective is to initiate students and to integrate them gradually into the acquisition of one own competence of the UOC: “Use and application of the ICT in the academic and professional”.

Competences to be develop are related to ICT and virtual group work (e.g: Search and identification of relevant information on the web, Project planning and management, etc.)


The methodological approach for the course is project-based learning. The students form small groups of 3 to 4 participants. Each group, engaged in a project, develops a theme of interest (LGC). The content generated is the result of a brief research process in which students search, organize and present information about a specific topic related to their studies.

The Virtual Project methodology involves 4 phases each of which proposes a set of interrelated activities. Across the different phases students build the project in groups within a wiki following the stages shown in the Figure.


The students’ evaluation is based on the continuous assessment.

User-Generated Content experience

UGC process is associated to project-based learning.

In groups, students develop their virtual projects. For doing this, they choose a topic that is developed among all members through a wiki.


As a learning process support tool, students design and build a collaborative project in a wiki about social education degree matters. 

The wiki serves as a enabler of the learning process and as a container for dissemination purposes.


Users are students of the UOC. In this experience 15 students (from 4 different groups) were involved. Other classrooms (378 students) were involved in the first step of the research.


Groups use a wiki as the main tool in order to develop the virtual project or LGC process.

How did you address quality-related issues?

Based on quality framework, quality issues are addressed as follows:

• R1: students

• R2: teachers

Stage 2 & 3:

  • Orientations about content creation process.
  • Assisting and monitoring group’s content creation process.
  • Assessment of collaboration and content creation process.

Stage 4:

  • (As stage 2 and 3)
  • + Guidance and support of the dissemination and discussion process.

• Dialogue

– Continuous assessment
– Fostering reflection and dialogue between R1 & R2: asking questions about content, process and format during teacher’s feedback.

See here the Quality Framework