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Budapest University of Tehcnology and Economics (BME)

Traditional HEI


This course is a 120 hours fully distance mode course with traditional workbook and fully on-line study guide and tutor support. The pilot experience was carried out within the “Course Development – Learning Design” course.


The objectives and activities of the course presented to the learners are the following:

Objectives of module I.
By the end of this module you will be able to:
- check whether you have received everything you need to study the course;
- draft the whole structure and model of this course;
- decide your own strategy and path to learn this course;
- schedule in detail the lessons of the course to be learned in the next few months;
- decide whether your ICT skills are enough to start the course;
- decide whether this course suits you.
Objectives of module II.
By the end of this module you will be able to:
- summarize the factors and reasons that led education in Hungary to open and distance learning;
- list the major tendencies;
- group the three forms of open and distance learning;
- give new ideas to develop courses towards open an distance learning (e-learning).
Objectives of module III.
By the end of this module you will be able to:
- define the sort of learning material that your potential users (target population) might need;
- select an already existing material suitable for the learning objectives; - evaluate the chosen material;
- adapt the chosen material in case it does not totally fit the objectives;
- design a new material which is exactly appropriate to your learners;
- edit and layout the material for publishing;
- evaluate and modify your material


This course is a highly activity based course with:
- testing prior knowledge
- structured, and guided course book reading and reflection
- creation of own course in small steps
- planning different tasks
- developing, drafting different pedagogical parts
- discussing drafts with your mentor
- modifying drafts
- following the development process in a learning blog
- sending Tutor marked assignments at major milestones of the development
- discussing feedback with tutor on-line (forum, blog)
- creating an e-portfolio with all important elements of the design process and documents made
- piloting sample chapter with target group


How it will be assessed?

User-Generated Content experience

Short description of the experience


Which is UGC activity/ies objective?


What kind of learners and number will be involved?


How it is developed? Includes technological tools

How did you address quality-related issues?

Describe just main issues

Link to CONCEDE Quality Framework