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Welcome to this demonstration on "Collaborative development of open content using open source learning tools and systems"

We will take you on a journey which includes the following stages
  1. Collaborative Open Content authoring using WikiEducator
  2. Application of design and authoring using the Free Open Source Software eXe (eLearning XHTML editor)
  3. Creation of Open Educational Resources (Web, SCORM etc.)
  4. Development of a course in an Open Source Learning Management System (Moodle)

The collaborative development of educational resources

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Why collaborate on the development of learning resources?

What are the benefits of collaboration?

Discuss in the room or using the Moodle online forum

Making use of Open Content and Open Source

Once we have the advantages of many minds bringing together content - we need a way to design and distribute this content using tools which everyone can access and in a way that allows re-use or re-contextualisation of that content. This is where Open Content, Open Source Software - all based on open standards (interoperability) can make a real economic difference to learning resource generation...

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What do we mean by Open Content or Open Source?

Do you understand the terms 'Open Content' and 'Open Source'?
[Note that Open Content may also be referred to as Open Educational Resources, Open Educational Content or Free Content.]
Conduct some research on these terms using the resources below.

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Resources on Open Content and Open Source

Using Wikieducator for collaborative content creation projects

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What is Wikieducator?

Wikieducator was initiated in response to finding a practical solution for collaborative authoring of open elearning content for users of the eLearning XHTML editor (eXe).

Its an online text editor which allows users to enter and edit content. You can add images and links to other media or web pages. All content developed in Wikieducator is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. Read more about it on the Wikieducator Home page.

The Wikieducator project will build on:

  • the collaborative authoring capabilities of the Mediawiki software thus leveraging the benefits of social software for open education resources.
  • eXe's capabilities to recontextualise wiki content using educational elements called instructional devices (iDevices). The ability to work offline with eXe will improve access to open content resources for learners who may have difficulties with Internet connectivity.
  • interoperability specifications for packaging content in formats that can be imported into your favourite learning management system. For learners without network connectivity, eXe provides a web export that can be run locally in your browser.

Create a Wikieducator account

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Create your own Wikeducator account

How to create a wikieducator account - or use this eXe resource for the same content!

Basic editing in Wikieducator

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Edit your user page

Tell us a few things about yourself! Note: You can use the handout of basic editing guidelines Print - Editing Cheatsheet

  • Create a heading
  • Make some text bold or italic
  • Create a bulleted list

You can also use this online basic editing guide:

Basic Editing Guidelines

Creating Open Educational Resources - using educational widgets/iDevices

eXe - the e-learning XHTML editor

This off-line open source editor enables learning designers to put together learning resources. These can be small modules or whole courses. They can then be distributed as eXe (.elp) files or exported in a variety of formats - e.g. as web pages, SCORM packages to put into Learning Management Systems.

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Let's take a look at eXe - open the program on your computer

Presenter will demonstrate:

  • eXe authoring environment
  • Outline pane - structuring your lesson
  • iDevice pane - choosing your learning activities
  • Exporting in different formats

Wikieducator has some useful teaching resources for using eXe Teaching resources for eXe

Demonstration - exporting a lesson as a web page

Example: The NZ E-learning Guidelines project

Also show the modules in Moodle i.e. creation of an entire course using tools in the LMS combined with the eXe learning objects.

Moodle PCF4 page

Create your own open content resource

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Create your own learning resource
  • Take a look at the Wikieducator resource on Making Tea.
  • Complete a module and tidy up the text.
  • Create some learning activities in eXe using the wikieducator content
  • Export your final eXe learning resource as a web page

How to use the pedagogical templates

If you are now confident with basic editing, you might also want to use some basic templates, like this example:

Inserting an image and a box for highlighting objectives uses the syntax

{{Objectives|Type in your objectives text here}} .

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Objectives of this lesson
  1. Discuss the origins and attributes of the tea plant
  2. Identify the equipment needed to make a pot of tea for 2 people
  3. Recall the stages in making a pot of tea for 2 people

You can use this resource for guidance: Instructions for using the pedagogical templates

Checklist of resources for the workshop

Checklist of resources for workshop