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Tutorial.png Bowen Island, BC, Canada 

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Really the first step is to just start doing. Get your hands dirty, wonder around your land, notice where the sunshines, where its wet, where is is windy and any other observations of your surroundings. Its also good to Talk to friends, neighbors, local farmers, other gardeners, people who know your region well. Local knowledge is good.

Step 0 - philosophy

Begin to develop a philosophical understanding of permaculture, reading the wikibook resource on this topic is a good place to start. At its base permaculture is;

  • Care for the earth
  • Care for people
  • Distribute surplus

The Otago school in NZ has also run a great course on the subject. It may be very insightful to review what they have accomplished in their 1st Session.

Step 1 - get your hands dirty

Grow something.

Step 2 - mapping

Map out property

Step 3 - raised beds

Build a raised bed and grow something else

Step 4 - composting

Begin composting

Step 5 - resource mapping

Revisit your map and look for near by resources