Performance Anti-Patterns

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Performance Anti-Patterns
Convenor: Sven
  • Kirk Pepperdine
  • Ben Evans
  • Sven Reimers
  • Jesper Udby
  • Jao Schim
  • Dimitry Vyazelenko
  • Alvaro Tortosa
  • Maz Rashid
  • Alexander Kasimir
  • Elisabeth Kasimir
  • Christina Muntean
  • Aarne Roosi
  • Alexandru Carstea
  • Mike Nielsen

List of Anti-Patterns:

  • Magic Pixie Dust
  • Tune in two days
  • Zen Master Performance Tuning
  • I Know Microbenchmarks (Measure don't guess)
  • More hardware will solve it
  • User Acceptance Test does not look like production
  • More is not necessarily better
  • Tools are too expensive
  • Cache resistant
  • Write business logic in SQL
  • Move to the cloud
  • A virtual machine is a suitable gift for every occasion
  • Spotting non existing patterns
  • Tuning/Coding by folklore
  • No stress testing
  • The busted benchmark
  • More cacheing will solve it
  • Don't start by (write) sucking (code)
  • No performance targets (no requirements)
  • We will fix it later
  • Loop programming
  • Bad / wrong framework idioms
  • A fool with a tool is still a fool (with a tool)
  • Throw an execution profiler at it
  • Excessive logging
  • Slavish translation of requirements into code


  • Plan for performance
  • Benchmark
  • Measure don't guess
  • Teach performance
  • Test for performance
  • Performance requirements
  • Performance tune the requirements
  • Increase information intensity in logging (not human readable)
  • KISS