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Letters and Lectures on Education

Johann Friedrich Herbart - Translated by Henry M. and Emmie Felkin

Table of Contents

  1. Translators' Preface, Preface, Contents, and Translators' Introduction: Part I - Letters and Part II - The Lectures on Education pp. ii-42
  2. Letters I-VI pp. 43-101
  3. Lectures on Education: Introduction pp. 102-104
    Part the First: On the Basis of Education
    Chapter I: Its Foundation on Practical Philosophy pp. 105-108
    Chapter II: The Foundation of the Science of Education on Psychology pp. 108-119
    Second Part: Outlines of the General Science of Education
    First Division - Government of Children
    Chapter I: Arrangement pp. 120-122
    Chapter II: Practical Application pp. 123-125
  4. Second Part: Outlines of the General Science of Education (continued)
    Second Division - Instruction
    Chapter I: The Relation of Instruction to Government and Discipline pp. 126-129
    Chapter II: Aim of Instruction pp. 130-131
    Chapter III: Conditions of Manysidedness pp. 131-134
    Chapter IV: Conditions of Determining Interest pp. 134-146
    Chapter V: Chief Classes of Interest pp. 146-154
    Chapter VI: The Objects of Instruction as Seen From Different Points of View pp. 154-161
    Chapter VII: Course of Instruction pp. 161-178
    Chapter VIII: The Plan of Instruction Generally pp. 178-181
  5. Second Part: Outlines of the General Science of Education (continued)
    Third Division - Discipline
    Chapter I: Relation of Discipline to Government and Instruction pp. 182-183
    Chapter II: Aim of Discipline pp. 183-184
    Chapter III: Differences in Character pp. 184-187
    Chapter IV: Distinctions in Morality pp. 187-188
    Chapter V: Aids to Discipline pp. 189-192
    Chapter VI: Procedure of Discipline in General pp. 192-211
    Fourth Division - Survey of the Science of Education at Different Ages
    Chapter I: On the First Three Years pp. 212-213
    Chapter II: From the Fourth to the Eighth Year pp. 213-219
    Chapter III: Boyhood pp. 219-224
    Chapter IV: Youth pp. 224-226
  6. Third Part: On Special Branches of Education
    First Division - Educational Notes on the Treatment of Special Subjects of Instruction
    Chapter I: On Religious Instruction
    Chapter II: History
    Chapter III: Mathematics and Natural Science
    Chapter IV: Geography
    Chapter V: German
    Chapter VI: Greek and Latin
    Chapter VII: Certain Educational Details Examined and Defined
  7. Third Part: On Special Branches of Education (continued)
    Second Division - The Faults of the Pupil and Their Treatment
    Chapter I: On Differences Between Faults in General pp. 263-269
    Chapter II: The Sources of Moral Imperfection pp. 269-274
    Chapter III: On the Effects of Discipline pp. 274-276
    Chapter IV: On Special Faults pp. 276-279
    Third Division - Educational Institutions
    Chapter I: On Home Education pp. 279-282
    Chapter II: On Schools pp. 282-285
    Index pp. 286-295