Payment Documentation Requirements/Assessment

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1. The bill of lading's general purpose is to

a. prove the goods were received in good condition.
b. prove ownership of the goods & facilitate transportation.
c. prove the shipper is paying for the freight.
d. prove the buyer is paying for the freight.

2. The documents required for every US import and export are

a. commercial invoice, certificate of origin, import license.
b. commercial invoice, certificate of origin, packing list.
c. commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading.
d. commercial invoice, packing list, import license.

3. The commercial invoice

a. is the bill of sale and required for all shipments.
b. specifies title to the product/service.
c. is a negotiable instrument.
d. is not as important in international transactions as it is domestically.

4. It is important for the international manager to know who _______________________ international documents.

a. issues
b. issues and uses
c. uses
d. uses and requests

(Correct answers:1=b, 2=c, 3=a, 4=b)