Past perfect continuous

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Past Perfect Continuous

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In this Lesson we are going to learn about the Past Perfect Continuous Tense,

  • What it is and
  • its fuction in the overrall process of communication in the English Langue.

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After the lesson students should be able to:
  • Identify the past continous tense in oral and written communication
  • Construct simple or complex sentences with the past perfect continuous tense.

Lesson Content

The past prefect continuous tense is formed by putting had been before the -ing verb form. It is used to indicate a past, ongoing action completed before some other past action. Examples:

  • Sister Abi had been working at the clinic before she was transferred to Tamale.
  • Mama had not been doing her assignment so she failed the course.

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in this lesson you studied the Perfect Continuous Tense and it's funtions.

You learnt that the Past Perfect Continuous Tense expresses the past effect of an action or event that was going on at an earlier time in the past.

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  • Think of an event that happened at an earlier time this year and explain how that affected

events two weeks ago

  • Write about what you did last week which affected you at the begining of this week.
  • Form a sentence with the past continuous tense using the picture above

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Practical English Book for West Africa Book 1

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