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My name is Abibata Mahama. Born in 1957 in Ghana. I cOme from the Northern part of Ghana.

I schooled in the North and South of Ghana. I speak four languages locally; Dagbani, Hausa ,Twi and GA. I trained as a teacher and then as a Broadcaster. I hold a masters in TV documentary production. I worked as a teacher in the high school for eight years and worked as a Broadcaster for 12years. I HAVE PRODUCED SOME SHORT DOCUMENTARIES ON VARIOUS THINGS AND ISSUES. I work with a group of women in the Northern part of the country to produce documentaries and to do advocacy on issues that affect women and children. I now work as the deputy coordinator at PSI -DL, IN-CHARGE OF TV LESSONS I LOVE TO TRAVEL . I love trying my hands at different things.


1.0. Personal History

Name: Grace Abibata Mahama

Date of Birth: 23/12/1957

Address: P O Box 493, Tamale - Ghana

Telephone: 0208110010

Email: abibata031@

Nationality: Ghanaian

Languages: English [Excellent]

                         Twi          [Excellent]
                         Dagbanli [Mother Tongue]
                         Hausa       [Good] 
                         Ga            [Good]

2.0. Education

 - 1.  MA in TV documentary production at the University of  
          Salford, UK September 2004.
 - 2.  Postgraduate Diploma in TV Documentary Production at the University of Salford, 
         UK September 2003.
 - 3. Diploma in TV Production 1995-1998 with distinction: ‘National Film & Television 
         Institute [NAFTI]’, Accra/Ghana.
 - 4. Teachers’ Diploma in English 1986- 1989: Advanced Teacher Training College,
 - 5. Post Secondary Teachers’ Certificate ‘A’ 1980- 1982 Kumasi/Ghana
        With distinction in teaching practice              
 - 6.  SC/GCE Ordinary Level 1974-1979: OLA Secondary School, Kenyasi/Ghana
3.0. Professional Training  
 - 1.  KOICA/UNESCO 1999 Training Course on TV Documentary Production in Korea.
 - 2. TV Production Techniques   - 12 weeks course 1992 Organised by the British High 
         Commission in Ghana.
 -  3. Commentary Training -3 weeks -1990 GBC Radio Training School, Accra, Ghana.
 -  4. Voice Training -6 weeks -1990 GBC Training School, Accra/Ghana.

4.0. Professional Experience

- 1. Co- Trainer on participatory video production with marginalized women in the

         Northern Region of Ghana, 2002 & 2003.
- 2.    Consultancy on a Trachoma Project in the Northern Region of Ghana for BBC
            World Service Trust, 2001.
-  3. Ghana Broadcasting Corporation [The National Television and Radio Station.]
                Ghana Television GTV
 - Drama Section; Producer/ Director–Showcase in Dagbani and Hausa: Adult Education 
     Section, 1998 – 2002.
 -  Producer/ Director for Adult Education in Dagbani and Hausa- 1993-1995
 -  Women, Children & Schools Section: Production Assistant for all programmes, 
      1991 – 1992.
 - TV Presentation Section - Co –coordinator in charge of TV Transmission and 
      Continuity Announcer, 1991 – 1992.
 - Hosting of programmes on TV
           -  Hostess for Children’s’ Own 
           - Reading of news on Missing Link [a TVprogramme for the death.]
           - Hostess for Adult Education in Dagbani.

- Radio- Ghana National Radio Station

          - Presenter of Ecomog Line [A musical Request Show for Ghanaian Soldiers on 
             Peace Keeping Duties stationed in Liberia, 1993 – 1995.
            -  Co –Presenter for Dabgani Morning Show
5.0. Other Working Experience
 - 1. O LA Secondary School, Kenyasi, English Language and Literature Teacher /
          House Mistress, 1982 – 1986.
 - 2. Bolgatanga Girls Secondary School, English Language and Literature Teacher/
          House Mistress, 1989 – 1990.
  -3     Managing production teams within GTV from 2005 to 2002.As a 
           Producer/Director; I did the following, planning of programmes, directing the 
   production team, preparing budgets for some productions, liasing with other 
       organisations for sponsorship for the programmes and carrying out other 
         administrative duties.
  -4    Project manager for Camfed. Managing the Learning Circle Project in Tamale/
            Nov.2004- date Main Job Functions:
    I write both narrative and financial reports on the Learning Circle’s                    activities. Reporting the actual spend against the overall project budget.

I submit a budget based on the activities for the coming month to Camfed for approval. Provide work plan for the year. Supervising activities of the Learning Circle Organising advocacy events using visual programmes produced by the group. Organising training workshops for the group. Encouraging dialogue and debate in communities through film screenings.

-5 Coordinator on trachoma project in Northern Ghana. 2001 Main Job Functions Coordinating activities of drama groups within the various communities in the region. Researching and writing scripts for the groups. Drawing up a budget for the activities in the Northern Region. Organising performances within various communities.

6.0. Video Productions- Betacam SP and Mini DV

- Director – ‘BEHIND DOORS’. A postgraduate Diploma Production for the

           University of Salford. UK. 2003

- Director-‘THE PRIEST’. A postgraduate Diploma Production for the

       University of Salford. UK. 2003.
- Producer and Coordinator - NETAID production on support from CAMFED for 
    girls’ education in northern Ghana. Directed by Washing Square Films, USA [2002].

- Director –FIC CHAPTRE 2000, a one-hour documentary for the FIC BROTHERS.2000

- Producer, SINGHA a short feature organized by ScriptNet 2000 in Ghana.

- Producer/ Director- Dagbani and Hausa, Ghana TV Drama 1998-2002

- Director- Agricultural Development Bank Documentary: The Story of A. D. D.


- Producer/ Director- A documentary for Action on Disability and Development an ‘NGO

  Child Disability in the Northern Region of Ghana 1998’

- Producer/Director- JEBA Television Advert: 1998 JEBA Hair Products

- Producer/ Director- NAFTI Diploma Documentary: The Spice of the Savanna


- Producer/Director –TV English Drama: Over My Dead Body 1997

- Producer/Director- NAFTI Documentary: The Baamaya Dance -1997

- Producer/ Director –Silent Film for NAFTI: The Cheat 1996

7.0. Film Festivals _ FESPACO 2005

  Productions of the Learning Circle Group was screened.
- The 10th International Film and Television School’ Festival – Lodz, Poland  
   The Priest was screened. – 2003.

- ANIWA [All African Students Film and TV Festival], 1999: Represented GTV

     Documentary Section, ‘The Spice of the Savanna’ was screened.

- FESPACO 1999, Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso. -MICA-’ ‘The Spice of the Savanna’, was screened.

- International Students Film Festival 1998, Germany. Presented a paper on the people and Culture of Ghana and the film industry. The Baamaya Dance was screened.

- ANIWA Ghana 1997– Took part in a documentary workshop and screening of productions by students and professionals from Africa. The Baamaya Dance was screened.

8.0. Awards.

- Best Documentary- ANIWA, the Spice of the Savanna 1999
- Best Advert-          ANIWA, JEBA, 1999.

- UNESCO Fellowship award - TV documentary programme production training,

   Korea, 1999.
- Best Overall Student Award- NAFTI, 1998
- Best Advert – JEBA, NAFTI, 1998
- Best Student Documentary- The Spice of the Savanna. NAFTI, 1998.
 - Best Production manager – NAFTI, 1998
- Best Documentary- ANIWA, the Baa Maaya Dance 1997
- Best Production Assistant Award- GBC Television 1994



 P. O.BOX 493                                                                                                                                  N/R    Tamale,      Ghana /West Africa  
Tel       00233- 208110010

A filmmaker and co trainer in media participatory projects with a background in teaching. She was first trained as a professional teacher and taught in the high school for eight years.

Then joined Ghana Television and trained as a voice. Worked as an announcer and an assistant producer for five years.

Then went to the National Film School in Ghana and had a Higher Diploma in Television Production. Went back to GTV and worked as a producer director for 6 years.

Examples of recent films. A number of TV and Radio productions for GBC. The Spice of the Savannah The Baa maaya dance. An advert for ADB The Priest Documentary for the FIC Brothers.

Examples of Training work Co- trainer on the Learning Circle Project in Ghana working with marginalized women and communities in Northern Ghana training them in film production. Still coordinating the project now and running training workshops with Dominique. [CAMFED, WOMANKIND AND ADD] Worked as a consultant for BBC World Trust on a trachoma project in Northern Ghana. Working at present on the Learning Circle PROJECT.

Education MA TV Documentary production. Salford University UK [Thesis on Participatory Documentary production] Diploma in TV Documentary Production. NAFTI Ghana Diploma in Teacher Education ATTC Winneba Ghana.