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Start here then review the Course guide. If you are new to online learning or unfamiliar with navigating the Internet, we recommend you start by using the [[[:PSY1250/LMS]] Moodle] links below.
Unit 1: Introduction to course and learning pedagogy
Week 1 Course introduction [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=7 Moodle] E-Activity 1.1 Read the Course guide for information on all assignments.
Unit 2: Theoretical perspectives on exercise and sport behaviour
Week 2 Group dynamics [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=8 Moodle] E-Activity 2.1
E-Activity 2.2
Start preparing Assignment 1.
Week 3 Motivation [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=9 Moodle] E-Activity 2.3 You should complete Assignment 1 by the end of Week 3.
Week 4 Self-confidence (Cont'd) [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=10 Moodle] E-Activity 2.4
Week 5 Anxiety [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=11 Moodle] E-Activity 2.5
Week 6-7
Unit 3: Key influences on exercise behaviour
Week 8 Mood and emotions [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=14 Moodle] E-Activity 3.1 Start preparing Assignment 2.
Week 9 Concentration [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=15 Moodle] E-Activity 3.2
Unit 4: Key influences on sport behaviour
Week 10 Sport behaviour [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=16 Moodle] E-Activity 4.1
Unit 5:Strategies to influence exercise and sport behaviour
Week 11 Visualisation [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=17 Moodle] E-Activity 5.1 You should complete Assignment 2 by the end of Week 11.
Week 12 Music in exercise and sport [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=18 Moodle] E-Activity 5.2 Begin preparing Assignment 3.
Unit 6: Exercise and Sport future trends
Week 13 Cultural differences [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=19 Moodle] E-Activity 6.1
Week 14 Economic factors [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=20 Moodle] E-Activity 6.2
Unit 7: Where to from here in exercise and sport
Week 15 A sense of direction [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=21 Moodle] E-Activity 7.1
Week 16
Final assignment completion. Due end of Week 16.