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  • Course guide (Course overview and assignments)
  • [[[:PSY1250/LMS]] Learning Management System] (Moodle)
  • [[[:PSY1250/Repository]] Regional Relations Repository] (Student generated database of resources)


Course schedule

Start here then review the Course guide. If you are new to online learning or unfamiliar with navigating the Internet, we recommend you start by using the [[[:PSY1250/LMS]] Moodle] links below.
Unit 1: Introduction to course and learning pedagogy
Week 1 Course introduction [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=7 Moodle] E-Activity 1.1 Read the Course guide for information on all assignments.
Unit 2: Theoretical perspectives on exercise and sport behaviour
Week 2 Group dynamics [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=8 Moodle] E-Activity 2.1
E-Activity 2.2
Start preparing Assignment 1.
Week 3 Motivation [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=9 Moodle] E-Activity 2.3 You should complete Assignment 1 by the end of Week 3.
Week 4 Self-confidence (Cont'd) [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=10 Moodle] E-Activity 2.4
Week 5 Anxiety [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=11 Moodle] E-Activity 2.5
Week 6-7
Unit 3: Key influences on exercise behaviour
Week 8 Mood and emotions [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=14 Moodle] E-Activity 3.1 Start preparing Assignment 2.
Week 9 Concentration [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=15 Moodle] E-Activity 3.2
Unit 4: Key influences on sport behaviour
Week 10 Sport behaviour [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=16 Moodle] E-Activity 4.1
Unit 5:Strategies to influence exercise and sport behaviour
Week 11 Visualisation [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=17 Moodle] E-Activity 5.1 You should complete Assignment 2 by the end of Week 11.
Week 12 Music in exercise and sport [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=18 Moodle] E-Activity 5.2 Begin preparing Assignment 3.
Unit 6: Exercise and Sport future trends
Week 13 Cultural differences [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=19 Moodle] E-Activity 6.1
Week 14 Economic factors [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=20 Moodle] E-Activity 6.2
Unit 7: Where to from here in exercise and sport
Week 15 A sense of direction [[[:PSY1250/LMS]]&section=21 Moodle] E-Activity 7.1
Week 16
Final assignment completion. Due end of Week 16.