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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Standard Audio File Formats and Encoders

There are many formats for recording Audio. While it is true that Audio file could encounter full-length songs in something like .WAV format.

Audio File Formats

There is a wide variety of audio formats available today. It’s not possible to list details of all the file formats but following are the some of the file formats which are widely being used globally:

File Format Compression What it Plays On Origin Can Stream Online

(Advanced Audio Coding)

Lossy iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Nintendo DS1, mobile phones, cross-platform Apple Yes, Require Quick Time Plugin
. FLAC lossless cross-platform operating systems, much software Xiph.Org Foundation (open source) NO. Not supported as yet
.FLV Flash Video lossy Any Flash-equipped device, cross-platform Adobe Software Yes but require flash player
.MP3 MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 lossy cross-platform, cross-device The Moving Picture Experts Group (AT&T-Bell Labs, CCETT, ISO) Yes
.WMA Windows Media Audio Lossy (lossless in WMA-9) Zune, Windows systems, cross-platform, Microsoft Yes

More information on "Comparison of audio file formats" can be found here:

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