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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e-Learning in broader way

Widely available LMS/CMS Systems

WordPress - Blog

A blog is a means of journaling online. Although it does have its uses, it is not generally recommended for use in a university setting, unless its access is restricted to internal staff (e.g., if there is a need for student interns to chronicle themselves and their experiences). WordPress is a type of blog and a great choice for fairly small (a few hundred pages or less), simply arranged websites. It’s the easiest system to install and understand, and is easy to maintain and update, putting site setup within reach of anyone with a sense of technical adventure. There are many predefined graphic themes available; adapting them to your particular needs can range from trivial—if the theme allows you to select your own color and add your own logo, for instance—to a relatively straightforward process for someone familiar with HTML and CSS. Updating and editing images and text is also quite straightforward, and multiple add-on modules are available.

However, WordPress doesn’t scale as intuitively as the other three systems to support complex sites. For custom content types or article listings displayed based on automatic rules, you’ll need to try to find a contributed add-on or theme that provides that functionality. There is only limited support for differentiation of user roles, although add-ons are available to support permissions based on section or type of content.

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