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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Quality Framework of CEMCA

In this chapter, we are referring Multimedia Learning Material (MLM) as computer based learning material which is made available to an individual or a group either on-line or off-line and involves an integration of two or more digital media such as text, images, sound, video, animation, etc. to promote effective learning. MLM could be in the form of large centralized repositories/database or in the form of CD based individual lessons and may be used for learning with or without the intervention of a facilitator/ mentor/teacher.

While defining the framework for the Quality Assurance and Assessment of educational materials, a major factor had to be considered - whether the focus would be e-learning or multimedia materials? The following points emerged from the discussions:

• Multimedia-based learning may be a part of e-learning but the parametric set for defining an effective e-learning quality framework is much broader. It includes many other factors such as Learning Management Systems, network robustness and delivery, content/course management systems, interactivity between the teacher and the learner as well as peer-to-peer (P2P) interactions. These could be through one or more networks for both synchronous and asynchronous modes of learning, thus making e-learning a far more complex paradigm.

• In a large number of countries worldwide, especially the developing countries, will multimedia primarily being used for learning and will continue to have relevance in the classroom for a long time?

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