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DECP 03: e-Learning Application Development

e-Learning in broader way

Installing the App Inventor Setup software package

We recommend that you perform the installation from an account that has administrator privileges. This will install the software for all users of the machine. If you do not have administrator privileges, the installation should still work, but App Inventor will be usable only from the account you used when you installed.

Download the installer from:

Locate the file AppInventor_Setup_Installer_v_1_2.exe (Approximate 92 MB) in your Downloads file or your Desktop. The location of the download on your computer depends on how your browser is configured.

Open the file and start installation. If any anti-virus gives you any warning, please ignore.

Click through the steps of the installer. Do not change the installation location but record the installation directory, because you might need it to check the driver. The directory will differ depending on your version of Windows.

NOTE: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users need to run program as Administrator.

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