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Unit 2.3 Collaborative development Tools

SlideShare is on online community created as a place to share presentations, webinars and other documents. Presentations are entirely user-driven and are converted using SlideShare's upload process, which supports over 30 file formats. Once uploaded, slides can be shared by the creator as well as by any other users. A SlideShare Pro account is required if you prefer to keep your slides private. The free account allows for unlimited presentations and document sharing, as well as public webinars.

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• Upload presentations publicly or privately

• Download presentations on any topic and reuse or remix

• Embed on blogs, websites, company intranets

• Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

• Zipcast: free, no download, 1 click web meetings

• Leadshare: generate business leads with your presentations, documents, pdfs, videos

• Slidecast: sync mp3 audio with slides to create a webinar • Embed YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations

• Use SlideShare PRO for premium features like branded channels, analytics, ad free pages etc

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