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EFL Educators will understand that a personal learning network can assist them in becoming better communicators of English (written and spoken discourse).

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Essential Questions

  • How can I build a personal learning network (either online, face-to-face, or both) in a way that allows me to improve my English writing skills?
  • How can I build a personal learning network (either online, face-to-face, or both) in a way that allows me to improve my English speaking skills?

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Enabling Knowledge

  1. Current technologies: Web tools
  2. Online communities
  3. Conferences

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  1. Computer skills
  2. Networking skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Speaking skills

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  • Webquest
  • Informal discussions
  • Academic prompts

Week 1 (August 9-15, 2010)

This week we will become familiar with the basics of Wikieducator (WE) and begin developing our user page. We will also begin looking at different Web 2.0 tools that can be used to support our own personal learning network.



    • My goals for this semester are to finish a certification in competencies here at the UAA, and I did CERTIDEMS sent me the results I passed the exam. I want to be a better teacher by studying more, design challenge activities for my students in every class. Share with my colleagues tips, teaching methodology etc. in this way I enrich my teaching style and I help others.
    • To accomplish these goals, I will do the following:Organize my time and look for information in different sources, as well as get together with my colleagues in a coffee shop and interact about experiences in teaching.
    • As an EFL educator, my greatest challenges are design classes activities that my students understand,enjoy and learn.
    • To overcome these challenges, I will look for additional information related to the lessons in the book,create diverse material, games and make the students to work with different pairs and groups.


  • Create a user page in Wikieducator (WE)
  • Establish personal goals are to improve as a communicator and as a teacher of English in this university and in every school I will be teaching. I know it will be difficult to do this by myself, but it will be easier if I keep close to my colleagues by means of this tools.

Week 2 (August 16-22, 2010)

This week is an extension of what was covered last week.



  • Once you have created an account in WE add a user page boilerplate to your user page.
  • Review the seven steps to integrating goal setting for learning.
  • Add the following information to your user page:
    • My goals for this semester are...
    • To accomplish these goals, I will do the following:
    • As an EFL educator, my greatest challenges are...
    • To overcome these challenges, I will...


  • Create a user page in Wikieducator (WE)
  • Establish personal goals

Week 3 (August 23-29, 2010)


  • Click the discussion tab above and reply to the IAPE Experience thread.
  • Create a list of blogs below that are of interest to you, both as a teacher and learner. Feel free to add as many links as you'd like!

This site, gives the Ss the chance to, through a very simple procedure, use their creativity in order to express themselves. What I have done with advanced students, is that I asked the to bring their own word cloud for their favorite movie, music or book. In class, Ss are asked to tell each other about ir, describe it. Later on, students are asked to report what their partners had told them. In my opinion, it is a good chance to make Ss practice reported speech.--De Santos 21:58, 8 November 2010 (UTC)--De Santos 21:31, 8 November 2010 (UTC)

  • In this blog you will see the importance of blogs, in this case talking about childre. Why? Remember that children are like sponges and they get everything they see or hear so blogs are very helpful for them to practice the langugae and also to know more aboyt technology. María Flor


I do not usually visit blogs but I've created one: --AMF 03:35, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

Week 4 (August 30 - September 5, 2010)

How to create a VoiceThread

The service shut down in August, 2015,
so this copy of the video is no longer available.
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Introduction to the WE workshop, welcome!.


  • Go to this VoiceThread and share your thoughts and opinions.
    • Step 1: Create a VoiceThread account if you haven't done so already.
    • Step 2: Go to this VoiceThread.
    • Step 3: Reflect on the following question: How do you connect with others in ways that helps you become a better communicator of English (both written and spoken)? Some examples might include conferences, online communities, workshops, etc.
    • Step 4: Click the comment button within the VoiceThread and record your audio or video, sharing your thoughts and opinions and speaking for at least three-to-five minutes.
    • Step 5: Respond to at least one of your colleague's audio or video.