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"That'll learn ya!" Yosemiti Sam - the no fuss, direct and to the point teacher

Working towards some form of regular skills sharing workshop or events to help build self sufficient media skills, and passionate Internet users at Otago Polytechnic. Dates and details to be confirmed. Discussion going on at the Networked Learning email list.

Got Tuzdee night free? Social media workshops 6-8pm at the Otago Polytechnic Community Learning Centre in George St - free of charge!


  1. how to get better google search
  2. even money should be free - how to find free media
  3. how to create DIY media quicker than you can say "DIY photocopying"
  4. why we should become passionate users of the internet
  5. how to make a hyperlink
  6. how to plug in a work a data projector
  7. how to coordinate my Internet bits a bit better
  8. wordpress vs blogger - a smackdown debate
  9. How to doodle with your Moodle
  10. There's only 3 things you should know about HTML


  • afternoon how-to sessions that go for 2 hours
  • podcast debates
  • 5 minute show and tells
  • Get the Networked Learning list in Twitter
  • Strengthen our abilities to support one another at a distance


Please add your details below if you wish to be part of this network

Leigh Blackall
Twitter: leighblackall
Skype: leigh_blackall
Second Life: Leroy Goalpost
Sarah Stewart
Blog: Sarah's Musings
Skype: sarah.m.stewart
Twitter: SarahStewart
Merrolee Penman
Blog: OT Education
Skype: mellyp61
Twitter: Merrolee
Michael Pryde
Twitter: mpryde2
Blog: Homestaylife