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This course will help you develop skills in the use of social media, as well as critical insight on its application in individual, community or business and service contexts. The Part 1 course will focus on your development of skills and understanding in the use of popular social media. The Part 2 course will focus on your capability to develop independently hosted social media services. The Part 3 course is focused on publishing research and providing services to clients in the use of social media.
You should find this course is relevant to you if you work in business, communications, human resource management, consultation, journalism, design, art, media, marketing, teaching and training, social science, facilitation, community work, civic work, software development, web services, etc.

Notes on the development of this course are being kept at:

Part 1

What is social media?

Socially constructed media and communications has its routes in a number of areas of thought, and has followed a particular path of development that we can review today. Where it is leading us is still up for debate

Lecture series

Using social media

Produce, publish and network your own media - using popular social media services.

Workshop series These workshops will be offered face to face at Otago Polytechnic Community Learning Centres, Tuesday evenings at 6pm, commencing 3 March 2009. Workshop notes and resources are published to the course blog for people unable to attend.

  1. a blog, online bookmarking, and an RSS reader is everything you need
  2. enrich your online self with multi media (youtube, flickr, slideshare, second life, etc)
  3. wikis! They're quick and they're organised
  4. free software - save yourself a couple of thousand dollars hey!
  5. the mash up! Making it all come together.

Thinking about social media

Social Media Idea Cluster Influence Curve. CC By: Gauravonomics
Events, lectures, seminars and tutorials for people experienced in using social media

Lecture series:


  • Meet ups TBA
  • Conferences TBA
  • Debates and panels TBA

Part 2

  • Use hosting providers to set up independent social media services
  • Plan and prepare for locally hosted social software projects and services
  • Implement and manage locally hosted social software projects and services
  • Critically evaluate issues between popular services, independently hosted services, and local and independent hosted services

Part 3

  • Research, develop and implement a social media project
  • Publish research on a social media development
  • Provide consultation services for social media use or development

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