Proposal for action: National framework for OER

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A National Framework for Open Educational Resources

Aims of the activity (longer term)

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The aim of this proposal for action is to influence the adoption of OER as an integral part of the NZ public education system – compulsory and tertiary sectors

Objectives of the activity (short term)

  • To raise awareness of the potential of OER at all levels – government, tertiary, industry and community
  • Make the case for OER as a public policy matter, by identifying potential applications and benefits at individual learner, institutional, sector and system levels.

Narrative description of what you will do

  • Put a coherent description of the potential of OER to the Minister
  • Speak to key government ministries, agencies and officials, e.g. TEC, MoE, NZQA
  • Publicise this symposium, as well as the OER initiatives underway in NZ; and those being successfully implemented internationally, i.e. tell the stories
  • Undertake a detailed analysis of possible scenarios for OER uptake in NZ – including financial modelling
  • Extrapolate policy implications of different OER scenarios

What inputs are required?

  • Analyst time
  • Writer of success stories
    • Preparation of resources for presentations to key people

Group decisions for this activity including who and when.

  • Commission financial modelling of different OER uptake scenarios in the tertiary sector – by February 28th, 2013 – Phil Ker