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Otago Polytechnic has an international reputation for the development and particpation in open educational resources and practices. This brief is for a multi media production that presents the process that Otago Polytechnic staff go through for developing an open education resource (OER). The target audience is other professional educators who may be interested in following Otago's lead as well as student representative groups who may be interested in what OER could mean for students. The production should be entertaining, informative, and appropriate for use on and offline.



This is a rough outline of a plan that will be updated with the communications team when formed

31 December

Communication team is established

16 January

Communication team present between 3 and 5 concepts for consideration by staff involved in Otago Polytechnic's OER development

19 January

OER team decide on one concept and give feedback

23 January

Communication team develop a treatment

27 January

OER team give feedback to treatment

2 Febuary

Communication team begin production

2 March

Communication team present production

16 March


Progress notes

  • 12 January 2009 - Contracts exchanged and confirmed between Otago and AKO. A communications designer engaged.