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The following grant application was approved, and we are now engaged in producing something that articulates Otago Polytechnic's efforts in OER. (see below a copy of the application that was approved).

Ako Aotearoa Good Practice Publication Grants
Application Form 2008

Applicant details

Full Name Leigh Blackall
Organisation Otago Polytechnic
Organisation type Institute of Technology/Polytechnic (please select)
Organisation address Forth St Dunedin
Email address leighblackall@gmail.com
Telephone number 021736539

Additional applicant/nominee details

Full Name
Organisation Type
Hillary Jenkins Otago Polytechnic Institute of Technology/Polytechnic (please select)

What format do you expect to publish in?

digital video/multi-media presentation

What language do you expect to publish in?


What is the good practice that you would like to publish on?

A story that presents the process that Otago Polytechnic staff go through for developing an open education resource (OER). This story will focus on the development of a short course in Small Business Planning. Industry and stake holders are consulted, collaboration is established, and resources are developed through sampling and producing openly following the OER development cycle.

How has this practice been recognised within your organisation?

Otago Polytechnic has an international reputation for the development and particpation in OER. This is recognised through its IP Policy and numerous press releases and programme development funding.

Describe what is interesting and creative about this practice

The development of OER is a growing field in NZ and many people are interested in what the process involves and what the criteria for OER is. This story will present Hillary Jenkins approach to developing OER and practices for the Diploma in Travel and Tourism. This story will be presented as best practice from the perspective of Otago Polytechnic and useful as a guide for others seeking to utilise and participate in the development of OER.

Describe how this practice could influence other tertiary educators

OER is all about efficient and seamless collaboration between educational institutions and practice. This story will guide others into best practice for OER based on Otago Polytechnic's advanced standing nationally in the process and practice.

Describe the reasons why this practice was developed

OER is internationally recognised as an efficient and effective process for developing educational practices. Masechusetts Institute of Technology lead educational institutions with their Open Courseware approach, followed by the Open Courseware Consortium. The WikimediaCommons have successfully developed OER through the Wikipedia and related initiatives.

Describe the evidence that this practice is making a difference to learners

Hillary's work in developing OER and practices in other courses within the Travel and Tourism Diploma has attracted positive student feedback regarding open and easy access compared to other programmes in the Polytechnics

Describe the organisational context in which the practice occurs e.g. what factors support the practice and what barriers were overcome?

The Otago Polytechnic's IP Policy, Educational Development Centre, staff development opportunities. Barriers include other institutions unwillingness to share existing resources.

Please detail funding sought

(N.B. grants are GST inclusive)

Funding Type Description Amount
Staff replacement costs $ 400
Video/multi-media presentation 40 hours $ 3000
Other Equipment hire $ 1000
Other $
GST $ 550
TOTAL $ 4950

Organisational endorsement

(to be completed by the CEO/Tumuaki or delegated manager)

Full Name Phil Ker
Position CEO (please select)
Organisation Otago Polytechnic
I support this application and verify that this application meets the eligibility conditions stated in the Ako Aotearoa Good Practice Publication Grants Guidelines. I confirm that the applicant/nominee(s) are recognised for his/her teaching and/or student support practice.

Declaration by key applicant

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have provided in this application is correct and meets the eligibility conditions stated in the Ako Aotearoa Good Practice Publication Grants Guidelines.
Full Name Leigh Blackall
Date 26 September