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 OP vision and goals

How the Research and Enterprise Strategy builds from the overarching OP vision and goals

(This strategy (in draft) provides guidelines and milestones for achieving the overarching Otago Polytechnic strategy in relation to Research and Enterprise.) - see pdf for model<iframe src=" "iframe

Nb: high level vision for how our strategy affects learners, staff and the communities that interact with us (– this should also be read in conjunction with learning and teaching strategy)
Every learner enjoys outstanding and successful learning that develops their capability and readiness for work 

Our Research and Enterprise philosophy

At Otago Polytechnic we want to: (nb committee to flesh out – starter for 10 below)

  • (as this affects learners)
    'build learner capability and work readiness
    provide experiential learning as a most effective way to develop capability
    provide opportunities for learners to gain 'real world' experience
  • (as this affects staff)
    give staff opportunities to build on existing research activities
    give staff opportunities to engage with business and industry partners
    build staff capability
    provide opportunities for staff to maintain currency
  • (as this affects our communities)
    'give industry access to learners and the expertise of our staff
    assist business and industry to resolve the issues they face
    enable business to develop new solutions in partnership with OP
    create opportunities to challenge and grow existing businesses
    create new opportunities for business to engage with Otago Polytechnic

Therefore our learners, staff and communities can expect: (outcomes/ situation/ environment

Research and Enterprise that:

  • challenges, inspires and transforms
  • encourages personal growth, success, confidence and satisfaction
  • instills a passion for development and change

students who:

  • are inspired to develop through research and practice
  • are more work ready (through increased and broadened capability?)
  • have opportunities to build their personal capabilities

Staff who:

  • are inspiring and current
  • are skilful teaching practitioners, able to share their expertise with learners and business
  • facilitate and support learning and design effective learning experiences, whilst engaging with business and industry
  • bring leading edge knowledge and innovation in their field
  • keep current in their specialist field and well-connected to their industry/profession

A dynamic R&E environment:

  • with high quality physical,and virtual support
  • where authentic work experiences are part of learning
  • that is open to learners, staff and our communities equally

Partners who are willing to work with the polytechnic to develop:

  • to be flexible and accessible to students 

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