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Sustainability To encourage ecological literacy by examining ways to reduce the effects of our impact and human development on natural resources

Biodiversity Build awareness in the variety of life, the ecosystems they form and that people have reduced the diversity by modifying natural environments and exploiting plants and animals

Personal and social responsibility for action Encourage everyday actions and choices that limit resource use and assist in maintaining the quality of our environment.

Community Engagement Build social capital by assisting individuals to enhance their understanding of the benefits of conserving NZs biodiversity and to share their knowledge, skills and passions with others. Build capacity for local coordinated community action to protect native species and restore local ecosystems.

Personal Development Support students to use and develop key competencies while caring for the environment. Encourage, model and explore values of ecological sustainability, innovation, inquiry, curiosity, diversity and community participation

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Students gain knowledge, skills and experience within a variety of learning areas through participation in a programme of action at Orokonui Ecosanctuary.