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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former- Albert Einstein

To understand is to perceive patterns

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Jason Silva.

This year

Why did you pick Biology this year? Perhaps you want to be a Doctor when you 'grow up'. Maybe because you enjoyed Science last year. Possibly because your parents told you that you had to!

Its up to you to make the best of your time in Biology, and you will get out what you put it.

This course integrates ideas and important Biology concepts to give you specific details and big ideas.

The course

Seals have adaptations to survive both the extreme land and sea environments.

The big overall picture for the course is 'Living in Extreme Environments'. First we will examine where different groups of organisms live, and the relationship between them and their environment. How organisms evolve to fill niches and live in such extreme environments. Then we will examine adaptations they may have that allow them to survive and carry out life functions, and finally why genetic diversity is essential. 


Each unit of work has one internally assessed Achievement Standard associated, but also other internal and external optional standards. It is suggested that near the end of the year you discuss with your teacher is it may be a good idea to work towards extra standards.

  • Biological Investigation:
  1. AS91153 - Carry out a practical investigation in a biology context, with guidance. Internal, 4 credits.
  2. AS91158 - Investigate a pattern in an ecological community, with supervision. Internal, 4 credits.
  • Survival:
  1. AS91190 - Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment. Internal, 4 credits.
  • Adaptations
  1. AS91155 - Demonstrate understanding of adaptation of plants or animals to their way of life. Internal, 4 credits.
  • Evolution
  1. AS91154 - Analyse the biological validity of information presented to the public. Internal, 4 credits.
  2. AS91157 - Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change. External, 4 credits. Merit / excellence endorsement students only.

Stuff to use.... Resources

Finding information


  • Notability - great for taking notes, integrating images etc
  • iCell - interactive cell models with descriptions of organelle function
  • BIOZONE - resources and textbooks for level two biology
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Edmodo
  • Nature Reader - articles from Nature magazine
  • Gene Screen
  • The human genome at ten (Nature)

Presenting information

Facebook pages

  • Evolution
  • The Great New Zealand Science Project
  • Science Is Awesome
  • Auckland Zoo
  • Animal Planet

Have you found any other cool websites or other resources? How about editing this page to add them in?