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Hello everyone,

This is the final announcement for OCL4Ed 13.09. Thank you for your interest and active participation in this course.

If you haven't done so yet, please help us to improve future offerings of the OCL4Ed mOOC by completing the evaluation survey.

This email contains important information on certification for participation and optional assessment services from Otago Polytechnic.

Final date for completing activities

I have received numerous email requests to keep the course "open" from participants who joined us late requesting time to complete the designated e-Activities and final assignment for those seeking formal assessment. For this reason, we have not processed the data for the issue of the digital badge for certification of participation yet. If you are planning to complete any of the assessment options please make sure that you complete the designated activities by the close of your business on 11 October 2013.

We will then process the participation data for issue of the digital badge for participation. There is no cost for the issue of the digital badge for participation.

Learners planning to submit the final assignment for formal assessment

Learners can submit the summative assignment for formal assessment.

Successful students will be issued with a "Certificate of Achievement" and will receive feedback from Otago Polytechnic on their assignment. Your assignments will be assessed by the UNESCO-COL OER Chair at Otago Polytehnic. The non-refundable cost of assessment services is NZ$80 (excl. sales tax for New Zealand tax residents. There is no sales tax for international students). Successful students will be able to earn 5 credits towards the Open Education Practice elective (15 credits) in the Graduate Diploma for Tertiary Education. The passmark for this micro course is 50%.

If you are planning to request formal assessment services for formal recognition, you must register online for the issue of an invoice. Registration for formal assessment closes on 11 October 2013.

The closing date for the final assignment is 14 December 2013. Students who have paid the assessment fee and submitted their final assignment by the due date will will be assessed this year.