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You should follow the OCL4Ed course according to your own time zone. These instructions are for your Thurs 12 & Fri 13 Sep 2013

Participation in #OCL4Ed has been amazing. Wow! we now have participants from 67 countries!

We will now learn how to refine our copyright from all rights reserved to some rights reserved. Creative Commons is the air OER breathes and we now have the prerequisite knowledge of copyright to realise this OER potential by returning to the core values of education, that is to share knowledge freely.


We started our #OCL4Ed journey asking ourselves what we deem fair and reasonable practice with reference to sharing of teaching materials (You can still contribute to the survey and consult the live results here.) Our discussions were guided by the values underpinning our educational vocation and profession. We then explored how copyright works with particular reference to the digital environment and international context. We are now well prepared to unleash the potential of OER using Creative Commons licenses.

Creative Commons unplugged

In Session 4 we introduce the free legal tools provided by Creative Commons which we can use to refine our copyright. We will explain how Creative Commons works and introduce the six licenses. Finally we will learn about the compatibility among the different licenses.

We invite participants to share their thoughts and experiences via WikiEducator WENotes, Twitter, Google + and your blogs. (Don't be shy, share your thoughts and learning journey using microblog posts. Its more fun that way.)

Visit the course dashboard or Session 4 page for links to the study materials.

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