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We're just getting organized with this, please add revisions/suggestions in the plans below and your comments on the discussion page. Also, consider joining our Google Group: wikieducator-ccnc.

Open Computing is organized into two sections:

1. A main page, Open Computing, containing links to finished (meaning good enough for use, because wiki pages are never finished) content, accessible in multiple ways:

  • by content area (e.g., basic concepts in computing, media, networking and internet, operating systems, office productivity software)
  • by level of computer knowledge
  • by type of material - see list of types of resources

Also includes links to materials for earlier versions of software(e.g., OpenOffice Base 2)

Need to consider how to promote materials designed for particular audiences (e.g., ICT in Education is for teachers, learning materials for preparing for ICDL exam)

2. Project planning pages used to organize our development and maintenance work:

Other related projects

Web resources

Learning design resources