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Application Software that a user interacts with.
Authoring The activity of producing learning content (usually written) from an idea or theory.
Authoring Tools A range tools designed to enable users to write, edit and publish learning content.
CBT Computer Based Training
Common Cartridge Emerging IMS packaging standard designed to improve interoperability.
Content May also be referred to as learning content, describes the information entered through the authoring editor (eXe).
Content Object Content Objects can be thought of as an iDevice with the content filled in.
e-Learning The facilitation of learning via electronic delivery mechanisms, e.g. computers, CD/DVD, internet.
eXe e-learning XHTML editor – a web-based authoring environment designed for teachers and academics.
eXe Sidebar The control device that contains eXe authoring tools.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language.
Icon Small graphic devices that are displayed on both the authoring and presentation interfaces.
iDevice Instructional elements that provide a framework for entering content.
IMS Content Package A standard package format for bundling an educational resource and metadata describing it for upload to a Learning Management System or repository.
LaTeX A plain text markup scheme that allows typesetting, and in eXe, making print quality mathematical symbols and equations.
LMS Learning Management System.
Moodle A very popular Open Source Learning Management System.
Node Defines the basic unit in the learning design (Outline) structure. Also referred to in the context of eXe as a page.
Output Something published by eXe, e.g. a SCORM package, or a website.
Package A Content Package is a collection of content.
Pedagogical Template A template is a Content Package where the content objects are not yet filled in.
Pedagogy The term used to describe teaching strategies.
Presentation Template A definition on how a Package should be presented.
Rich Text Editor Based on TinyMCE the rich text editor allows inputting formatted text, images, media, mathematical symbols, and attachments in eXe text areas..
SCORM Sharable Content Object Reference Model - a common technical framework for computer and Web-based learning.
Tab Folder tab styled interface.
Taxonomy Hierarchical classification of items e.g. Chapter, Page, Section.
XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.
XML Extensible Markup Language.