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File Management

eXe File Formats


eXe content packages are saved as .elp (elearning packages); this file format is primarily for internal eXe use, but can be used to exchange content between users who have a need to collaborate.

SCORM export

The content package is saved to a zip file which packages all the pages created along with an IMSmanifest.xml file for use with SCORM compliant learning management systems (LMS). This document provides the LMS with instructions on how to display and structure the content package.

IMS export

These formats packages the content in a similar way to the SCORM export. eXe supports both the widely deployed IMS Content Package standard and the emerging IMS Common Cartridge.

HTML export

Two options are available for Web Site Export. Self Contained Folder creates a folder of HMTL pages, images and style sheets required to publish the content package to the web. Zip File will generate a zipped file of all your content as a web site for easier delivery of content to a web master, or for uploading into an LMS that can unzip files. .

Currently if using Windows environment eXe files will be saved to the My Documents folder. This is the default and can be changed by entering the path you wish to save your files to.