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Birds of the Otago coast

Birds of the Otago coast stickersPDF down.png


Great Albatross

Habitat and range – glides across the southern ocean.
Size – wingspan is 3.5m from tip to tip.
Colours – black, grey and white
Breeding-royal albatross nest on New Zealand's sub Antarctic islands and Tairoa Head.
Young -grey and fluffy
Food -Albatross feed at sea, it's diet is mainly squid but it also eats fish, octopus, and fish scraps dumped from boats.
Special features  – webbed feet, nostrils that filter out the salt from the sea water, large wings.


Little Blue Penguin

Habitat and range – Australia and NZ

Little Blue Penguin

Size – 33cm to 43cm
Colours – blue, white and a little bit of black.
Breeding – Little Blue Penguins stay with one mate forever and breed around August and November. Little Blue Penguins breed in the same place where they were hatched. Creating nests under rocks, in burrows and under structures.
Young – After 8 weeks a Little Blue Penguin chick can fend for itself.
Food -squid, fish and crustaceans
Special features - tail feathers, the oldest bird in new Zealand live up to 19 years.

Oyster Catcher

South Island Oyster Catcher

Size - 28-36 cm
Black on the head wing and tail white on the belly orange on bill and feet
Oyster catchers nest in farmland and gravel banks their eggs are brown
Oyster catcher put there bill in between the shells and twist to open them


Red-Billed Gull

Red or Black Billed Gull
Size - 37cm
Colours red bill and feet. Grey and white body with black wing/tips.
Food - fish, insects, earthworms, rodents, grain, and garbage.
French fries and other food discarded—or left unguarded—by people.

Special features - It is an aggressive scavenger.


Bar Tailed Godwit

Video of Kuaka