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International Conference on Open Paradigms in Education

Venue: India International Center, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi

Dates: 31 January 2011 to 2 February, 2011

Aim of the Conference

The Government of India has taken initiatives to promote open educational resources that are freely available for all teachers and educationists in the country to use, reuse, adapt, share and pool their collective wisdom for the benefit of every learner. Various portals have been created by our Government and other organizations for providing unique opportunities to educators in order to access, modify, and share the educational materials through collaborative work and projects. The prime objectives behind these are the development of knowledge modules having the right content to take care of the aspirations of learners, to address their personalized needs, building connectivity and knowledge network among and within institutions of higher learning in the country, achieving critical mass of researchers in any given field, availability of e-knowledge contents free of cost to Indians and improving the quality of learning in the classrooms and around the world.

A few initiatives taken by our Government in this direction include the ‘National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT)’ by Ministry of Human Resource Development for e-content development, ‘Information and Library Network Center (Inflibnet)’ by UGC for sharing of library and information resources among Academic and Research Institutions and ‘Open Source Drug Discovery Project (OSDD)’ by CSIR to develop drugs through collaborative research work.

Keeping in view the significance of these initiatives and to expose more and more teachers, research scholars and others to such ‘open’ efforts in the field of education, Acharya Narendra Dev College plans to organize an International Conference on ‘Open Paradigms in EducatioN’ (OPEN) from 31st January, 2011 to 2nd February, 2011 at the India International Center, New Delhi. It is an attempt to blend open source soft skills with knowledge modules. The conference is primarily focused on OER (Open Educational Resources), FOSS (Free and Open Software) tools, Licensing on educational material, Copyright/Copyleft, Creative Commons, etc. This endeavour will expose the educators to the importance of open access to learning opportunities by sharing knowledge and learning resources.

Themes of the Conference

The conference is being organized for three days. There are eight sessions based on different themes. The themes are:

1. Introduction to Open paradigms

2. Teaching Redefined: Authoring Tools

3. Open Education and Licensing

4. Skill Development and FOSS

5. Content Creation and Consolidation

6. Success Stories and Future Prospects

7. Teaching Redefined: Empowering Teachers

8. Panel Discussion

For detailed schedule, please click Schedule of the conference

Advisory Committee

Organizing Committee

Executive Committee

Convener: Dr. Savithri Singh

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Sarita Kumar

Treasurer: Dr. Sunita Hooda

Teacher Members

1. Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri

2. Dr. Charu Khosla Gupta

3. Dr. Geetu Gambhir

4. Dr. Manisha Jain

5. Dr. Neeti Misra

6. Dr. Ravi Toteja

7. Dr. Rajesh Choudhary

7. Dr. Sharanjit Kaur

8. Ms. Shalu Mahajan

9. Dr. Sona Pranav Kumar

10. Mr. Subhash Kumar

Support Staff

1. Mr. Amit Kumar

2. Mr. Chetanya Sharma

3. Mr. Jatin Lamba

4. Ms. Kanika Chadha

5. Mr. Mahinder Singh Rawat

6. Mr. Ram Niwas

7. Mr. Sanjay Vohra

8. Mr. Suresh Kumar

9. Mr. Tara Dutt Sharma

10. Mr. Tarun Sharma

11. Mr. Vinesh Kumar

12. Mr. V. S. Rao

Profile of the Chairpersons

Profile of the Speakers

Abstracts of the Speakers

Details of Registration