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Web 2.0 Specialist

Responsible for all promotion, development and implementation of Web 2.0 processes to support the Web 2.0 community within the organization

Major Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Advise community stakeholders how to best design and prepare their Web 2.0 communities for launch
  • Engage community stakeholders for readiness, buy-in and ownership
  • Develop Web 2.0 operational procedures and documentation for both community creation and user management
  • Design Web 2.0 community work spacee, allocate permissions, create user groups
  • Implementing Web 2.0 community engagement strategies and monitoring adoption, use, user-attraction and retention
  • Administer both the development process and the launching of Web 2.0 communities
  • Produce and distributing digital content ranging from audio voiceovers to training videos and video podcasts for use inside Web 2.0 communities
  • Present and Instruct personalized training and coaching to groups of new users to ensure engagement in Web 2.0 communities
  • Participate in crossdepartmental Web 2.0 forums on behalf of the organization
  • Monitor important developing trends and issues related to technology, particularly Web 2.0 technologies.