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The Community Portal is a place where OLiVER Project editors and users can learn more about the project, learn about the OLiVER community, and leave commnents about the OLiVER Project for one another.

Task List

For those that would like to participate, but are unsure where to start or what they may be able to help with, the following is a list of tasks that would greatly help keep the OLiVER Project moving forward.

1) Expand an area of OLiVER that fits your knowledge or expertise. Dive into a national curriculum and help collect topic-relevant resources. Add new links, connect to WikiEducator resources, or add original lessons and materials of your own.

2) Create a new portal for a national curriculum that you work with.

3) Help less experienced users by formatting existing pages to make them more useful or by adding advanced formatting features.

4) Read through the wiki...fix any mistakes that you see in grammar, wording, or broken links.

5) Consider translating OLiVER pages into a foreign language which you speak. This will help OLiVER to reach even more people around the world.

6) Send this link to your friends and colleagues. Encourage them to contribute to improved education around the world or to use this wiki as a place to collaborate and share educational resources with each other.

OLiVER Announcements

Bbukka Teachers

1) Our first country portal is for Uganda. This work was inspired by working with the teachers and students in the BBUKKA community. We hope that anyone connected with Ugandan schools will participate in this wiki and spread the word to others. We also hope that students, educators, and citizens from other countries will be interested in starting a portal of their own.

Ruth Leacock

2) Many of the photos used on this site were used with the permission of Ruth Leacock of Computers for Africa. Thanks Ruth!

3) We would also like to thank Cliff Missen and the The WiderNet Project for their symbiotic relationship with OLiVER. They are creating a similar set of resources based on national curriculum (Uganda specifically) in the eGranary Digital Library for offline educational resources. We have benefited from the way that they have organized the curriculum in their library, and once we get more resources added to OLiVER, they will benefit from knowing the best, most relevant resources to add to their offline library.

OLiVER Newsletters

November 2007

Community Bulletin Board

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