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Lesson Plan

Date: 07.01.10

Subject: Science/Layers of the Earth

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Teacher: Donald J. Mongkeya

Time: 45 min.


By the end of this lesson, the learners will be able to identify the three(3) layers of Earth and their compositions with 90% accuracy within the time given.


Laptop, WikiEducator (or Schools Wikipedia on School Server), Pencils, Books, and the Board.


A) Introduction:

  • Greetings
  • Introduce the lesson
  • Show the students some illustrations of the Earth's layers and compositions.
  • Explain the importance of the lesson.

B) Teaching

  • List and explain the layers of the Earth and their compositions.

C) Guided Practice:

  • Divide the students in groups of three(3).
  • Each group should draw or label a layer using the "eToy" activity on the laptop.
  • The instructor will roam around assisting each group
  • After 15-20min., each will share their work with each other(presentations).

D) Closure:

  • Have each student work individually on an activity by writing a "short essay" of, "What will become of Earth and its layers in the next million years to come?"

E) Follow-Up:

  • Give the learners an assignment to work on at home.
  • In the given assignment, the students should visit again the wikiEducator website and pick-out any picture regarding the Earth's layers or its compositions and share it in class the next day.

F) Evaluation:

  • Evaluation will be based on activities provided on the lesson. After covering up the lesson, a quiz will be given.

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