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Workshop Report June 2010 - Goals and Objectives - Awareness - Policy - Governance - Deployment Action Plan - Training - Curriculum Integration - Content - Community - Server and Power Infrastructure - Localisation - Child Online Protection - Recycling - Support - Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas and Resources



Department of Education, Tofol, Kosrae June 28 - July 2, 2010


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Name Title/Location Email address
1 Joe Talley Community ICT enthusiast joeatalley@yahoo.com
2 Romeo Alikso L.E.S. Teacher/Librarian rastman99@yahoo.com
3 Donald J, Mongkeya T.E.S. Classroom/Science Teacher (G7) monkeyad@yahoo.com
4 Morrison George T.E.S. Classroom/Maths Teacher (EC) m2geo@hotmail.com
5 Sadako William T.E.S. Classroom/English Teacher (G4) sadawill@comfsm.fm
6 Rogalsky Henry L.E.S. IT Teacher henry_rogalsky@hotmail.com
7 Shrew Jonas M.E.S. Teacher ginabiz2@yahoo.com
8 Likiu K Phillip M.E.S. Teacher (PCV) manninz@mail.uc.edu
9 Shiver Edmond U.E.S. Librarian e.shiver@yahoo.com
10 Vernet Waguk U.E.S. Classroom Teacher (G6) vern21@hotmail.com
11 Lipton Tilfas S.E.S. Teacher liptontilfas@yahoo,com
12 Eterny Edwin L.E.S. Teacher/Acting Principal eetrny@yahoo.com
13 Quartas Esau S.E.S
14 Tulensu Wagal U.E.S.
15 Bob Tilfas W.E.S. tilfb10@yahoo.com
16 Jesse Cornelius S.E.S Classroom Teacher corneliusjesse@yahoo.com
17 Danny Joe W.E.S Librarian
18 Swin Charley M.E.S Classroom Teacher
19 Joeson Nithan DoE - IT Officer jnithan06@yahoo.com
20 Moody Kilafioasru DoE - IT Officer mkilafwasru@gmail.com
Facilitator . David Leeming


Main contact, Kosrae, DOE

  • Paul Hadik, Director of Education

Others assisting, participating and/or with an interest in the project:

  • Lugo Skilling, IT Manager, DOE
  • Wilson Kephas, Planning, DOE
  • Jacqueline Hazen, Islands Research and Education Initiative
  • Jimmy Hicks, College of Micronesia/FSM
  • Spensin James, President, College of Micronesia-FSM

Workshop Objectives

  1. Kosrae officials fully informed of the components and requirements of an OLPC Country Programme and equipped with all the information and skills needed to launch such a programme;
  2. Teachers and supporting technical and education officers and persons trained in the theory, principles and basic operation of the OLPC laptops and school server, with elementary thinking developed on curriculum integration;
  3. An OLPC deployment plan developed using the WikiEducator, and a clear plan for the OLPC Team to follow to continue with Kosrae’s OLPC programme;
  4. Including in the above, the identification of an appropriate governance system for the project, with team members and partners and policy requirements identified;
  5. At minimum, some examples of localised curriculum content and training materials aligned with Kosrae’s national curriculum;
  6. A demo XS school server with wireless network set up and with Kosrae technical officers equipped with skills to develop the server.

Workshop Schedule

The workshop covered the following:

(to be completed)

Introduction to Content and Curriculum Integration

Icon activity.jpg
Creating lesson plans and resources

In this activity participants were asked to

  • Create examples of lesson resources using the laptops and school server
  • Write examples of lesson plans integrating the use of the laptops and school server

The following are some of the examples created by participants:


The Earth's Mantle Example of animated eToys resource and lesson plan for G7 Science, by Donald

Kos-olpc-lessonres-4.jpg Memorize game for teaching polygons, by Sadako
Can we keep the lake clean?

Overview: This lesson introduces students to the water cycle by having them help draw a picture of a lake ecosystem, adding human impacts that effect water quality. Students will help fill in the components of a drawing of a water system. They will conclude by creating their own illustrations of human-induced changes to the freshwater habitat of a lake ecosystem.

Kos-olpc-lessonres-2.jpg Active essay by Sadako
Kos-olpc-lessonres-3.jpg Active essay in Kosraen language by Sadako
Kos-olpc-lessonres-5.jpg Memory game matching photos by Lipton
Kos-olpc-lessonres-6.jpg Active essay

Workshop Evaluation

Icon activity.jpg

A. Using the POLL ACTIVITY on the laptops, participants rated how confident they were at the end of the workshop, that they could train others in the following:

  1. Awareness of the basic theories and principles (of OLPC within the context of ICT for Education).
  2. Basic operation of the laptop
  3. Networking: connecting to simple mesh and school server
  4. Connecting to a wireless access point for Internet access (i.e. FSM-TC)
  5. Sharing and inviting activities
  6. Browsing the school server content
  7. Using the journal to save, name, locate, copy and erase work
  8. Copying work to/from a flash drive
  9. Uploading and downloading to/from the school server
  10. Using the main set of commonly used activities
  11. Creating teaching (and admin) resources using the laptops
  12. Simple approaches to lesson planning using the laptops

This activity not only involved participants evaluating the training, but also demonstrated the use of Poll Activity and using the "invite" feature on the laptops. Results from the voting were captured and are shown below.

B. Write additional comments and training needs in the table below.

Results of Evaluation

The results for poll 9 were not saved,

but most of the participants responded "Can do a good job of it"
(uploading and downloading from the school server)


Please write any further comments about your training needs here
Awareness of the basic theories and principles
(of OLPC within the context of ICT for Education).
Basic operation. Networking, connecting
Collaboration – sharing and inviting
Browsing content – the server
Managing work, saving, copying, transferring
Using the laptop Activities
Creating resources
The XO in the classroom: lesson planning incorporating the laptops
Other training needs and comments