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Lesson Plan.

Subject: English

Level: 6

Date: 26th January 2010

Duration: 40mins

Topic: Punctuation

Week: 2


By the end of this lesson, children would be able to:

  1. recognise the various punctuations and their uses (inverted commas, apostrophe, exclamation mark, etc) ii.
  2. write a dialogue and to use punctuations using CHAT and SPEAK activity.

Resources: Laptops, charts

Laptop Activity: Chat, Speak.

Classroom Management: 1 group to work with laptops, while others to work with charts given.


Teachers activities Children activities
Discuss with the children about the topic 'PUNCTUATION'

Explain and Demonstrate to them how to use the laptop in this activity

Write a sentence, and ask them to correct it by filling in the correct punctuations.

Divide the class into groups of 5 and write sets of sentences for each group to put punctuation to each sentence. (Choose 1 group to work with laptops and the other to work on charts.)

Check their group work.

Ask the children to find a partner.

Explain to them another activity.

They have to use their partner and do a dialogue using the chat activity, and they are to use punctuation.

Check their work.

Give response

Do what they were told (put the correct punctuation to the sentence)

Work in group

Children to find a partner, and to access to chat activity and do dialogue, and to use punctuation in their dialogue.

Laptop methods:

  • Prepare some long sentences without punctuation and ask them to try using Speak Activity to add punctuation.
  • Divide in groups or pairs and they can use chat and add punctuation and Speak to test the pronunciation. They can use Speak Chat mode to test their finished punctuated sentences against each other.


  • Test the best grouping method for the collaborative Speak-Chat activity. Pairs may be difficult, it may be best to divide into groups of larger numbers and then pair the groups (i.e. use one laptop only per group to do the collaborative chatting, whilst the other children can test using their laptops in stand alone mode.