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Provide a brief overview of the course including:

  • intended student audience
  • Duration of the course in terms of student learning hours
  • demographic information eg number of learners etc
  • Whether a credit option was available (if so provide level and details of the course credit.)

Important questions

  • Who are the most active (top 5%) of the participants?
  • What substantial and long-term collaborations are starting as a result of the course?
  • What patterns of participation are there? What distinguishes participants within each pattern, for example, those who stay uniformly active throughout the course, those who do a lot at the beginning and then stop, those who lurk?

Vital statistics

No. of registrations 2,511


No. of #eduMOOC tweets by end of Week 1 1,443 source
No. of #eduMOOC tweets for Week 2 364
No. of #eduMOOC2 tweets for Week 2 340

Edumooc study group page visits

Week Page visits Change Unique page visits Change
Week 1 3,647 - 1,872 -
Week 2 1,699 -53% 909 -51%

Country list

Submitted by voluntary field on online registration form:

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Belize Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burundi Canada Chile China Colombia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominican Republic Ecuador Ethiopia Fiji Finland France Germany Greece Guyana India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kuwait Laos Malaysia Mauritius México Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Pakistan Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Samoa Saudi Arabia Scotland South Africa Spain St. Vincent/the Grenadines Sudan Sweden Taiwan Thailand Trinidad/Tobago Turkey UAE Uganda UK Ukraine Venezuela USA Vietnam West Indies

Pedagogical model and tools

Describe the teaching approach and technology tools used for the course. Included details of the assessment strategy if applicable.


Discuss strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned. Where possible reference relevant student reflections and experiences.

Recommendations for the OERu

Provide recommendations for the design of the pedagogical model.