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We have a plan

Strategic Goal Strategic objectives
Goal 1

Develop a coherent OERu programme of study with defined learning pathways and exit credentials

  1. Recruit the minimum number of partners for a fiscally sustainable OERu network
  2. Improve community engagement for OERu planning, implementation, technology innovation and technology integration
  3. Diversify external funding sources for OERu strategic and research projects
Goal 2

Improve processes for efficient OERu operations that underpin academic quality at scale

  1. Develop, implement and maintain operational guidelines for OERu quality assurance, credit transfer and course articulation
  2. Improve communications and build capability to expand roles for distributed and networked leadership to implement the OERu
  3. Continue and expand the CIPP monitoring and evaluation of the OERu implementation
Goal 3

Achieve a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

  1. Develop product for a coherent OERu programme of study
  2. Develop guidelines and implement procedures for building the OERu programme of study incorporating alternate pathways (streams)
  3. Develop and implement procedures for streamlining the nomination of OERu courses and supporting design documentation
Goal 4

Foster innovation through pilot projects which demonstrate the viability and strategic opportunities for the OERu network

  1. Identify, design and implement OERu pilot projects to inform future improvements and innovations in the OERu model