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Strategic plan 2015 - 2017


The OERu is a social philanthropy enterprise.

It's core charitable mission is to widen access to more affordable tertiary education using open education approaches for learners, who for lack of funds or lack of provision in their home countries, will not have the privilege of a higher education.

The OERu is founded on the principles of sustainable philanthropy, that is, to design an OER ecosystem which is fiscally self-sustaining without reliance on third-party donor funding to achieve its aims of social inclusion in higher education. The OERu provides free learning opportunities using high-quality online courses assembled from OER and open access materials and learners pay a reduced fee for formal assessment towards credible degrees. The core infrastructure of the OERu is funded through nominal membership contributions from partner institutions and the recurrent cost for providing assessment services at OERu partner institutions for formal academic credit is recouped through a fee-for-service model.

The OERu is also "smart philanthropy", because partner institutions can improve efficiencies on campus through mainstream reuse and integration of OERu courses.