OERu/Planning/Course approval and quality working group/First Meeting

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When: 26 June 2014, 11:00AM AEST (Click on link for your local time.)
Where: Google hangouts (link sent via personal email)


  1. Welcome
  2. Purpose of OERu Collaboration
    • Bachelor of General Studies
    • Diploma in Tertiary Education offered by Otago Polytechnic
  3. Overview of AST1000 (OER1001) and ART100 and proposed website design
  4. Explanation of current OERu priorities and the work group structure
  5. Review draft aims of the work group
  6. Introduction to wiki-educator
    • Student oriented public site
    • Collaborative development and planning site
  7. Review work group page: http://wikieducator.org/OERu/Planning/Course_approval_and_quality_working_group
  8. Staff Development and capacity building on core OER concepts: http://oeru.org/oeru-partners/otago-polytechnic/open-content-licensing-for-educators-/


Prior to our first meeting it would be helpful if all members were able to review the following materials to ensure we are all aware of the why, what, and who of OERu

Minutes and Decisions

Detailed Minutes
Rough/draft Actions:

  1. Meg Goodine and Marcus Harmes to review the eCampusAlberta Quality framework and attempt an initial evaluation of OER1001 (as it is currently planned/designed) to see if the framework includes the quality issues that are relevant and useful for OERu courses (ie OER1001 being a sample). Look to see if some OERu quality aspects are not included, and would need to be added. Also to see if some elements may not be useful or relevant and could be removed. (eCcampusAlberta Quality eTookit: http://quality.ecampusalberta.ca/ KPU's adapted version: http://kpu.ca/teaching-and-learning/resources#standards )
  2. Wayne and Sarah and any other interested members to review the full list of upcoming OERu subjects as recently submitted as part of the 'audit' of potential new course contributions from all partners.
  3. Mmushi and any other interested members to review the qualifications frameworks between the countries of the different partners, as a way of considering the range of quality criteria that this group might like to consider
  4. Glenn to circulate a subject ouline regarding a potential new OERu course on Community Empowerment, perhaps with a view to finding development partners to build the course so that it might have broad take-up by partners in their curriculum
  5. Bradley, Meg, Mika, Johan an other interested members to register for the current "Open Content Licencing for Educators" course with is currently active, with a view to understanding what a OERu course is like and to help pilot the new peer-evaluation for formative assessment tool.
  6. Google poll to decide on when we next meet