2016 Action plan for MVP KPIs

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  1. Ensure, that the Milestone specification includes "criteria for success"
  2. If a task is included in the MVP, it is required for success
  3. Tasks are organised by groups and referenced using the convention: Group name --> Objective --> Task number. The second task of the first objective of the planning group is referenced as: Planning O1T2

MVP Planning milestones

[Planning O1]: Establish group to develop action plan

Planning Group

This self-selected group (others invited to join!) currently consists of

  1. Wayne Mackintosh - OER Foundation
  2. Dave Lane - OER Foundation


  1. Post invitations to join group
  2. Open review of action plan for the 1st quarter.

[Planning O2]: Constitute and operationalise MVP task force


  1. Identify initial volunteers and skills they bring
  2. Determine modus operandi for task force
    1. Frequency of meetings
    2. Technologies
    3. Criteria for success
  3. Review MVP tasks for 1st quarter
    1. Review time estimates for each task
    2. Review task hierarchy, with dependencies
    3. determine skill/person allocation and allocate resource
    4. Invite others based on capability requirements

[Planning O4]: Getting ready for delivery


  1. marketing plan to recruit learners

[Planning O6]: Finalise the MVP task completion schedule

MVP Product milestones

[Product O1]: Finalise 1st-year courses for MVP

KPI: Between 6 and 11 new full first year courses. Current nomination list:

  • Psychology and
  • Human Resources Management


  1. Complete program specification document for the OERu 1st year of study (Identify gaps in the curriculum)
  2. Audit existing OER courses suitable for assembly for MVP
  3. Scope actions required to finalise courses near completion for MVP platform. (What is need for delivery on OERu platform and preparation for local administration for assessment services.)
    1. Scope actions to finalise Art Appreciation and Techniques
    2. Scope actions to finalise Critical Reasoning
    3. Scope actions to finalise Sustainability course
    4. Scope actions to finalise Introduction to Indigenous Australia
  4. Determine dates for completion of existing courses for MVP platform.
  5. Finalise project plan for completing MVP courses

[Product O2]:Scope actions to implement MVP exit awards

  1. Confirm requirements for Certificate of General Studies at TRU
  2. Map procedure to develop proposal for CertHE at UHI
  3. Determine implications for MVP plan

[Product O3] Design OERu articulation system

  1. Complete 1st draft of handbook for course articulation
  2. Consultation on articulation handbook

[Product O3]: Complete OERu orientation course for learners

[Product O4]: Due diligence review for MVP


  1. Complete review check lists.
  2. Complete Design for review process.
  3. Copyright and legal review of course resources
  4. Technical review (Eg links, transcription, layout consistency etc).
  5. Pedagogical function review (Due the pedagogical features work)

Technology milestones

[Tech O1]: Achieve minimum viable technology platform for MVP


  1. Develop and publish a framework for the Minimum Viable Platform for the hosting and delivery of OERu Minimum Viable Product
    1. Describe the components of the framework
    2. Describe responsibility for creating and maintaining the components
  2. Identify and implement tools to help track tasks and completion
    1. Listing tasks, assigning complexity, review assessments, and tracking progress (KANBAN or Scrum?)
  3. Develop pedagogical specifications for the Minimum Viable Platform
    1. Describe an OERu pedagogy as a starting point
    2. Create a more prescriptive Pedagogical Style Guide to assist other course designers
  4. Implement a single sign-on solution for learners to use OERF hosted services for the Minimum Viable Platform
    1. create a prototype using a mix of open standards-supporting tools
    2. describe that prototype, down to its components
    3. create a test platform for self-service directory management
    4. identify tools for consolidating multiple identities, e.g. for those who already have multiple accounts
    5. create means to supercede identity management of OERu services with OERu SSO solution
    6. create "sign-up" capability for new users
    7. create knowledge base for integrating institutional directories as providers
  5. Design and implement a solution for learners to navigate course offerings, leading to available awards with clear information on pricing and partners offering summative assessment services from the course management system
  6. Continue to improve technologies for learner interactions (i.e. learner-learner and learner-content interactions) for MVP

[Tech O2]: Communicate available MVP courses, prices, assessment services and award options on OERu.org site

Capability development milestones

[Capability O1]: Open registrations for DS4OER

  1. Prepare sites and set up registration and prepare sites
    1. Activate online registration
    2. Update course site for 2016 offering
    3. Identify co-facilitators
  2. Prepare marketing resources
    1. Publish e-Poster
    2. Prepare news announcement
    3. Register course on Open Education Week site
  3. Promote DS4OER aligned with OpenEd Week

[Capability O2]: Deliver DS4OER course for MVP course developers