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At a glance

Subject: Introduction to Indigenous Australia: Culture, history & contemporary issues

Offered by: Charles Sturt University

Due for delivery: Spring (July) 2015


Team Members

Linda Ward, Manager Learning Designs, Faculty of Education, Email lward@csu.edu.au Phone 02 633 84422

Project Schedule

Milestone Who Target date Status
Design blueprint tbc asap In progress
Weekly schedule of topics and activities tbc tbc In progress
Incorporate Feedback from OERu tbc tbc tbc
Review existing OERs for remix tbc tbc tbc
Develop course delivery website tbc tbc Started
Finalise teach dates and add to OERu website tbc tbc Not started
Finalise enrolment method tbc tbc Not started
Finalise assessment payments tbc tbc In negotiations
Complete course materials tbc tbc On-track
Review and refine materials and website tbc tbc Not started
Peer review and quality control OER-University@Googlegroups ongoing Ongoing