OERu/OERu 18.11 Meeting/Session 1

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The objectives of this session are to:

  • Welcome participants to Australia
  • Articulate the aims of the 7th meeting of partners
  • Get to know the OERu family
  • Recap the OERu journey

Agenda (PDF)
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Time Details
9:00AM - 9:10AM
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Welcome to Charles Sturt University

Chair: Barney Dalgarno, Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, Charles Sturt University
Welcome from Charles Sturt University and introducing Uncle Bill.
10 mins
Webstream OERu Feed How to engage

9:10AM - 9:40AM Welcome to country

Uncle Bill Williams
Welcome to Australia and bush tucker demonstration
30 mins
Webstream OERu Feed How to engage

9:40AM - 9:50AM Aims of the meeting and principles of engagement

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
10 mins
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Aims  |  Principles of engagement  |  Agenda consultation

9:50AM - 10:40AM Participant introductions & observations

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
50 mins
Participants introduce themselves and share one observation about the OERu using the two breath rule (no more than 2 mins per participant).
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10:40AM - 10:55AM OERu milestones

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
15 mins
Brief history of the OERu and key decisions
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Record of meetings  |  Timeline

10:55AM - 11:00AM Navigating the meeting site and how to engage

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
5 mins
Brief overview of the meeting site and technologies used for participation and record keeping.
Schedule  |  How to engage  |  Live feed

11:00AM- 11:30AM Tea / Coffee break

30 mins