Proposal for Action: Strategic Goal 1, Objective 3

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Strategic goal

Achieve a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

Strategic objective

Diversify external funding sources for OERu strategic and research projects

Strategic approach

  1. Focus collaborative grant proposals on strategic projects which build future capability for the implementation of the OERu and the international OER ecosystem without creating dependencies for ongoing operational expenditure.
  2. Support research funding proposals that use OERu open data and publish findings under free cultural works approved licenses.
  3. Encourage open and transparent development of collaborative OERu funding proposals.

Key performance indicator(s) for 2015

(Provide recommendation for recalibrated target if necessary)

  • US$200,000 (The quantum refers to the amount, not necessarily the OERF as recipient as we encourage partners to prepare funding proposals for OERu projects)

2015 outputs

  • Establish mechanisms for coordinating the development of OERu strategic initiatives and supporting associated research projects that could attract external funding.
  • Identify strong candidate projects for external funding.
  • Other?

Clarifying notes, additional considerations and discussion points

  • Add any clarifications here

Summary description

Provide short description / overview of this proposal for action here

What inputs are required?

  • List inputs required to achieve the outputs

Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
Example Survey 1st year BGS requirements Conduct a survey of OERu partners with a BGS to determine subject requirements for 1st year of study Curriculum & programme of study group (or individual / institution) 15 April 2015 (or ongoing)

Do you have issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

During group discussions, if any issues arise which in your opinion should be tabled at the OERu meeting of Chief Executive Officers, please add them directly to to the CEOs issues page here.