Proposal for Action: Strategic Goal 1, Objective 2 (AVI component)

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Strategic goal

Achieve a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

Strategic objective

Improve community engagement for OERu planning, implementation, technology innovation and technology integration

  • Focus: Design processes and support mechanisms for the establishment and operation of Academic Volunteers International (AVI)

Strategic approach

  1. Incremental design is the preferred modus operandi to ensure agility of the OERu network.
  2. Open communication with a transparent public record of decisions aims to build community and facilitate long term sustainability.
  3. To scale capability development the OERu advocates a "pay it forward" model, where the beneficiaries of new OERu skills are encouraged to repay their learning by helping a new community member in the future.

Key performance indicator(s) for 2015

(Provide recommendation for recalibrated target if necessary)

  • AVI Process design framework to communicate activities where volunteer help is needed and to coordinate volunteers.

2015 outputs

  • Progress the Academic Volunteers International process framework to communicate OERu needs and to coordinate active involvement of the volunteer community.
  • Establish working group to progress AVI
  • Other

Clarifying notes, additional considerations and discussion points

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Summary description

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Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
Example Survey 1st year BGS requirements Conduct a survey of OERu partners with a BGS to determine subject requirements for 1st year of study Curriculum & programme of study group (or individual / institution) 15 April 2015 (or ongoing)
1 Revisit previous AVI planning exercises Review 2011 OERu plan for AVI and the subsequent SCOPE seminar on AVI. TBD TBD
2 Utilise existing open sites Explore the availability of online learning support websites which could be utilised for this purpose. TBD TBD
3 Draw upon existing structures Institutions all have community service expectations for staff. This could attract academics to AVI service. Consider using structures such as Supplemental Instruction and Meet Up to provide generic support to students as opposed to discipline specific support. TBD TBD
4 Develop website Design and develop a website for information about AVI and registration of volunteers. Reconnect with persons who have already expressed an interest in volunteering their services. David Bull June 2015
5 Volunteer training Explore existing online training opportunities for volunteers. TBD TBD

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