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  • Consult the meeting agenda below. Click on the "worldtime" links for your local time of the corresponding session. The plenary sessions will be streamed live here on Ustream
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  • Consult the remote participant column in the agenda below for links to the Etherpad documents for the virtual participant breakout groups. The outputs of these sessions will be tabled at the meeting for consideration by the OERu Anchor Partners.
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Recommended reading

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The OER Foundation encourages open and transparent governance and planning approaches. We welcome sincere contributions from all interested persons in shaping the agenda for the future of the OERu. Before submitting your thoughts and ideas, please familiarise yourself with the work done to date to avoid revisiting questions which have already been answered.

Key resources:
5 Things you should know about the OER university network planPDF down.png  |  Inaugural meeting  |  OER University: Towards a logic model and plan for actionPDF down.png

Timeline and relevant links for the OERu initiative:

OER Tertiary Education Network (OERTen) founding anchor partners:

Flag of New Zealand.svg OER Foundation (non-teaching)
Flag of Canada.svg BCcampus (non-teaching)

See: Founding anchor partner statements


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Meeting design and principles of engagement

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Design principles
This is not a conference -- it is an open implementation planning meeting which will change the lives of students currently excluded from the formal post-secondary education sector worldwide. The meeting agenda is based on the following principles:
  • Build on work done to date and contributions to the agenda from the open education community.
  • Anchor partners have decision-making autonomy on the agenda and implementation decisions.
  • Focus on decisions for an OERu action plan - hence the emphasis on planning a 2012 Prototype project.
  • Identify strategic issues for the medium and long term - but avoid the temptation of solving all problems at this meeting.
  • Keep presentations and monologues to a minimum.
  • Avoid unnecessary affirmations or agreements with previous speakers. Contribute when you have something new to add, want to clarify a previous point or table an alternative view or idea.

Working agenda: Day 1

Phase 1: Open curriculum, open credential services and quality assurance foundations

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Phase 1 of the OER Tertiary Education Network (OERTen) meeting will:
  • take stock of what the OERTen has achieved to date
  • highlight the common challenges OERTen aims to resolve
  • focus on the decisions for the inaugural credential of the OERu and
  • table proposals and high-level guidelines to promote quality and facilitate cross-border course articulation.

Session 1: Context, anchor partner enablers and solutions to OERu challenges

Item Description Duration Local Time



Dunedin Participants



Mihi Whakatau

Formal Māori welcome to Ōtepoti (the place Dunedin) and our host institution, including message from Phil Ker, CEO of Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.

60 mins 8:45am No webstream Live plenary No webstream
Welcome, aims of the meeting and introductions Facilitator: Dr Robin Day, Chair of the Board of Directors, OER Foundation and Deputy CEO Otago Polytechnic.
  • Aims of the meeting
  • Introductions: Names and affiliation of meeting participants. 
15 mins 9:45am World time Live plenary Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel
Anchor partner opening statements Facilitator: Dr Wayne Mackintosh, Director, OER Foundation.

A representative from each founding anchor partner introduces their organisation and summarises their anticipated contribution to one or more areas of the “Logic Model” framework. Maximum of 4 mins per institution. 

60 mins 10:00am World time Live plenary Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel

Anchor partner panel: Context, challenges and OERu solutions Facilitator: Dr Robin Day (Chair of the OER Foundation Board).


Anchor partner representatives: Judith Murray (Vice President, Open Learning, Thomson Rivers University); Prof Narend Baijnath (Pro Vice-Chancellor Unisa).

OERu thought leaders: Prof Jim Taylor AM (University of Southern Queensland); Prof Rory McGreal (UNESCO-COL Chair for OER and OERF Board Member); Dr Wayne Mackintosh (Director of the OER Foundation).

Aims: To identify the most important challenges and questions the OERu meeting will need to answer. Decisions will be recorded for the duration of the meeting and outstanding issues documented. This session will seed ideas for practical solutions.

  • The panel will consider and respond to issues and challenges identified by the anchor partners.
  • The panel will answer questions posed by virtual participants and meeting delegates.
60 mins 11:00am World time Live plenary Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel
  • Post questions for the panel on Twitter and identi.ca using #OERu tag  

Group photo Convene for group photo to be released under CC-BY license. 5 mins 12:00pm No webstream
No webstream
Lunch break Group Networking 55 mins 12:05pm No webstream Local networking 

Virtual networking

Session 2: Selecting the inaugural credential and quality accreditation model for course articulation

Item Description Duration Local Time



Dunedin Participants



Taking stock: What have we got? Aim: Summarise progress on OERu and highlight information resources available for breakout session on the inaugural credential and course articulation recommendations. 
  • Progress report on followup actions identified at OERu 2011.02, Dr Wayne Mackintosh. OER Foundation. (5 mins)
  • Referencing related projects including OPAL, OERTest, Transnational Qualifications framework and mini RPL / PLAR survey (10mins).
  • Recommendations from online SCoPE Seminar: Designing OERu credentials, Paul Stacey, BCcampus (5 mins) 
  • Research study on assessment and accreditation of knowledge and skills gained from open access and OER materials, Athabasca University, Prof Rory McGreal, UNSCO-COL Chair for OER. (5 mins).
30 mins 1:00pm World time


Anchor partner recommendations for inaugural OER credential and quality accreditation for course articulation.   Facilitator: Dr Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation

3 f-t-f Breakout groups (2 Virtual groups): Two Dunedin groups (plus 1 virtual) focusing on recommendations for the inaugural credential comprising teaching institutions (including representatives from Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities) and one Dunedin group (plus 1 virtual) focusing on quality assurance and cross border accreditation issues (including representatives from International and national agencies, foundations and interested persons from the meeting.)    

Handouts: Opal quality guidelines, summary of SCoPE seminar recommendations, TRU course selection criteria, Logic model graphic.

Small groups to discuss and provide recommendations with reference to the following questions:

  • Do OERu anchor partners endorse the recommendations of the SCoPE online seminar for the inaugural credential? Improvements? Alternatives?
  • What courses might anchor partners be able to contribute to the OER Tertiary Education network (OERTen)? What is available?
  • What models or approaches are recommended for cross-border course articulation and credit transfer? 
  • What high-level model or approaches are recommended for quality assurance of the OERu credential?
  • What is your group's proposal for the OERTen decision(s) including who and by when?
60 mins 1:30pm No webstream

Small group breakouts

No webstream (Remember to consult SCoPE RecommendationsPDF down.png above before commenting below)

Report back and preliminary decisions on the inaugural credential and recommendations for a quality accreditation model for the OERu network

Session facilitator: Dr Robin Day, Chair of the OER Foundation Board.

Report back from:

  • The two mixed university / college groups (10 mins).
  • Quality assurance group (5 mins)
  • Virtual participant group (5 mins)
  • OERTen decisions (10 mins)
30 mins 2:30pm World time Live plenary Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel
Afternoon tea and virtual coffee  Group networking and reflection 30 mins 3:00pm No webstream Local networking Virtual networking

Phase 2: Planning the implementation of the 2012 OERu prototype

Icon objectives.jpg
The anticipated outcomes of Phase 2 of the meeting are to plan the OERu prototype(s) to be trialled during 2012, including:
  • the development of proposals for action by the sub-groups groups for integration into the overall OERTen action plan
  • identifying priority activities for the next phase of implementing the logic model
  • specifying the key performance indicators for the 2012 OERu prototype (How do we know if we are successful?)
  • identify and flag issues which will need to be addressed in the medium to long term of the OERu network

Session 3: Envisioning the practicalities for an OERu prototype

Item Description Duration Local Time



Dunedin Participants



Illustrating open pedagogies and open ICT infrastructure for open course design and OER-based open learning Aim: To provide tangible examples of what a "pedagogy of discovery" may look like, the flexibility of parallel pedagogies in a networked model and existing ICT infrastructure available for use by the OERTen.
  • Examples of the "pedagogy of discovery", e-tivities and e-moderation, Prof Jim Taylor, University of Southern Queensland. (15 mins)
  • Examples of collaborative course development and integration within learning management systems using wiki technology. Dr Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation (15 mins)
  • Introduce TOUCANs OERu research project, Gabi Witthaus, University of Leicester. Video (5 mins) 
  • Group feedback, discussion and action plan decisions (25 mins).
60 mins 3:30pm World time Live Webstream
Food for thought: Prospective models for the 2012 prototype collaboration.

Aim: To introduce alternatives for structuring an OERTen collaborations for course design and assembly. 

  • Provide a catalyst for initial discussions on ways in which the OERTen collaboration might structure the development of the 2012 prototype. Prof Jim Taylor, University of Southern Queensland (10 mins)
  • Initial responses, discussions and suggestions from Participants. Participants will reflect overnight on options for a proposed development model for the 2012 prototype. (15 mins)   
30 mins 4:30pm World time Live Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel

Working agenda: Day 2

Phase 2: Planning the implementation of the 2012 OERu prototype (Continued)

Session 4: Implementation planning for the 2012 OERu prototype

Item Description Duration Local Time



Dunedin Participants



Briefing session for composition of planning groups based on the Logic model framework.

Prof Jim Taylor and Dr Wayne Mackintosh will consult with participants to constitute three planning sub-groups based on interests, expertise and outcomes of Day 1.

Aim: To constitute three Dunedin working groups (plus virtual group(s)) who will prepare proposals for action for the implementation of the 2012 OERu prototype.

30 mins 9:00 am World time Live Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel
Group planning work

Small groups work on completing a proposal for action by the report back session. Proposal for action templates will be provided. Dr Wayne Mackintosh will circulate as an OER Foundation resource person to assist with clarifications and support for the planning process.

90 mins 9:30am No webstream

Small group breakouts

Morning tea and virtual coffee Group networking and reflection 30 mins 11:00am No webstream Local networking Virtual coffee
Group planning work Small groups continue work on finalising the proposal for action. 60 mins 11:30pm No webstream

Small group breakouts

  • Continue working on proposals above.
Lunch break Group networking 60 mins 12:30pm No webstream Local networking Virtual networking
Feedback and anchor partner implementation decisions Session facilitator, Prof Rory McGreal, UNESCO-COL Chair for OER
  • Each group will present their proposal for action with opportunities for clarification and refinement (15 mins)
  • Summary of proposal for action from virtual group. (5 mins)
  • Record decisions for the 2012 OEru prototype(s) (50 mins)
  • Confirm the models of open governance, open philanthropy and open project management used by the OER Foundation for OERTen activities. Dr Wayne Mackintosh (5 mins)
75 mins 1:30pm World time Live Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel
Afternoon tea and virtual coffee Group networking 15 mins 2:45pm No Webstream Local networking Virtual coffee
Planing to scale the OERu prototype: Funding proposals for strategic investment

Plenary Session

Facilitator, Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation and Paul Stacey, BCcampus (virtual).

Plenerary brainstorm on ideas, suggestions and parameters for an OERTen bid to be prepared for the Next Generation Learning Challenge: Wave III request for proposals targeting the 9 February 2012. Download RFP for NextGen Wave 111PDF down.png.

  • What projects or subprojects woud be likely candidates?
  • Who could lead the bid development process?
  • Review virtual participant proposals / ideas.
  • Next steps?
  • Record OERTen decision(s)
45 mins 3:00pm Worldtime Live Webstream
Conclusion Session facilitator, Dr Robin Day, Chair of the Board. 15 mins 3:45pm Worldtime Live Webstream
  • #OERu microblog backchannel
Drinks and nibbles Venue to be announced 4:15pm No stream Local networking Virtual networking