The way forward

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  • Feedback on the logic model. (Include resources on the logic model framework)
  • Follow up activities /meetings (Synchronous model -- like the SCoPe session. Need volunteers to lead / facilitate these sessions (unpack and build the model). Use wiki to keep logic model and development of its activities up to date.
  • Ongoing discussion and engagement.
  • Work stream to convey and communicate the logic model.
  • Next steps --- KPIs. Milestones, monitoring and evaluation etc.
  • Collaborative funding proposals.
  • Workstream on credentials for open curricula.
  • Institutional commitment -- OER ambassadors, advocacy network.
  • Follow-up discussions and planning with the SCoPE seminar
  • Do we need to consider "informal" learning outcomes -- where does it fit within the logic model?
  • How does stakeholder engagement and consultation fit into the logic model? (Particular social context).