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Before the meeting

During the meeting

  • Bookmark the Meeting agenda page.
    • Follow the Remote participant column in the agenda. All activities, resources and links to online contributions during the meeting are provided on the agenda page. International start times will be posted on the agenda.
  • Use this link for the live web stream for the meeting:

Synchronous and asynchronous contributions

The meeting spans 24 time zones. You may wish to work through some components of the meeting activities asynchronously.

  • Remember to completed the attendance register (link provided on the agenda page)
  • If you have difficulties viewing the welcome videos, click on the links provided on the agenda. You can view the welcome videos form UNESCO and COL at any time.
  • The session on opportunities and threats will be conducted in the wiki. You can make contributions using the relevant link.
  • There are opportunities to let us know how you are feeling during the meeting. Click on the "smiley face" images on the agenda page.
  • We have provided an online survey form to register your interest and provide ideas for the logic model. Link provided on the agenda page.
  • At any time during the meeting, virtual participants can submit an online proposal for action. You will find the link under session 3 of the agenda.

We look forward to meeting you virtually in Dunedin.