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Free skills training in exchange for free content

The Learning4Content programme is a project designed to provide teachers around the Commonwealth with the skills to develop free educational content using wiki technology that is relevant and appropriate for local curricula. In respect for the dignity of professional educators, teachers will "pay" for their training by contracting to develop two content lessons on the wiki.

The project is inspired by a Native American proverb adopted by the INGOTS [1] FLOSS training project:

Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me, and I'll understand.


To develop sustainable models for free content development in Education in realisation of the vision for a free content alternative of the educational curriculum by 2015.

Tentative ideas

  • Local ICT training institutions, education institutions and Wikipedians can facilitate training using the free content Newbie tutorials
  • COL will provide a free wiki hosting service for content development in a dedicated area on WikiEducator
  • The Learning4Content project will have close linkages with the FLOSS4Edu initiative
  • Seed funding from the international donor community will be sourced to establish the project. During the establishment phase procedures, training materials will be developed
  • Trainers are compensated for presenting these workshops from donor funding. This would include "bounties" for Wikipedians to assist with skills training
  • Teachers sign a learning contract to develop, for example, two lessons on the wiki to be released under a CC-BY-SA license for others to use and modify for their own teaching.
  • Sustainability of the project (i.e. to provide for honorariums of Wiki trainers) could be financed by a PayPal donation scheme.

Sub projects

Draft proposal outlines for Learning4Content sub-projects


  • Would teachers in the developing world participate in regional projects (Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Pacific & South America) to develop free content for schools?
  • Are there sufficient training providers and individuals who would want to participate in such a project (Private trainers, Wikipedians, Education institutions etc.)
  • What are the average operational costs for a 3 day workshop?
  • What are the best ways to market the project and to promote awareness raising for the small donation scheme?
  • Who are the potential partners for the Learning4Content project?
  • How should the Learning4Content project link with the FLOSS4Edu initiative?
  • What are the scopes of open educational resources in the current system of education?
  • Add questions here...

Building an ecosystem

Sustainability of free content projects requires that we work towards building a sustainable ecosystem. Links include:

Funding proposals